Friday, June 1, 2007

Lambing has Begun

Well - here's our first lamb of the year (sort of).
I arrived home from work at 1 pm today, to find
this lovely little ewe lamb just being cleaned up.
Her dam is Cherrington Alice (best mom we've ever had), and her sire is a first timer -
Ewenique Tristan. Both are pure white - so the fact that this little one is white is no surprise - she was just what we were hoping for. She does appear to have a phaeo spot on her back, and possibly one above one eye - once she's all cleaned up - we'll check her out a bit better.
And - for the first time ever, we had another ewe trying to steal this lamb. Jessie (who is also Alice's daughter) is currently outside the barn bawling her heart out.
Since Alice always gives me twins - we are still awaiting the arrival of the second.
Stay tuned - I will post as the lambs arrive. Oh - and sadly - for the record, our lovely little
ewe WillowGarden Peggy Lee did have a beautiful ewe lamb a few weeks ago. Unfortunately,
it was born 3 weeks premature - and stillborn. Don't know what was wrong, however, it did occur the day after shearing, so we are assuming some form of stress induced the birth.
Peggy Lee however, the real trooper that she is, appears no worse the wear and is doing fine.


Cornerstone Fibres said...

So what did the newcomer get named? Shes' adorable!

Tammy said...

I haven't named her yet Kim - right now she's just Cutie Pie.
So - anyone out there got any good names - I'd like to hear them.