Thursday, June 14, 2007

As Promised

Ok - as promised, here are pictures of the last two little lambs born on Tuesday to Blizzard.

The first one here is her little ewe lamb. You can see mom in the background. Blizzard is a very relaxed mom around me anyway.
So - she appears to be black smirslet - or maybe that's yuglet around the eyes - I'm not sure.
She also has a lot of white on the body. Blizzard was a lot like this when she was born. Everyone kept telling me she would fade away to grey - however, she has managed to keep a lot of the spots - her fleece is stunning (Blizzard's that is).

Now this one is of her ram lamb. Sorry - but I can't get
a shot of him unless he's eating - he seems to be permanently attached to Blizzard's udder (I could make a whole bunch of comments here - but I will behave). Anyway - he is mostly black - and again has the smirslet patches around the head.

Both of these little ones are very devilish and vocal.
I think they will be a bit of a chore. Ah - who am I kidding, Blizzard was a total doll (still is) - if they grow up like mom - they'll be great.

Well - we have hay to bring in - so I'd better get going.
Tomorrow - I think I may have a big surprise regarding my friend Cate's lambs.
Stay tuned.

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