Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I Was Wrong

Ok - so I was wrong (must be like, the first time ever :-) ). Anyway, we had another lamb born today - to Cherrington Molly, (not to Blizzard as I predicted). She's a little moorit, smirslet ewe lamb - sire is Woolly Pedro.
She's very tiny - so, I'm not too sure if Molly is going to present another lamb. We haven't seen the placenta yet. Molly is also a very shy ewe, so
she's not overly pleased with all of this attention.
Of course, we couldn't have picked a yuckier day to have a lamb - it was so cold here today - 50 degrees, and the north wind is really blowing.
I've spent the last 4 hours out in the barn - putting up the heat lamp, moving ewes around, and trying to keep an eye on this little one. She doesn't appear to be feeding well, so I have supplemented her with colostrum and some milk replacer, which has perked her up a bit. I think, it's going to be a very long night.

On a brighter note..........................
here's an update on my little darling:
GABRIELLA! Yes - this is our little first born from last week. She is such a pet. Of course in this picture you can't see it - but it's so hilarious - she has two perfect little brown eyebrows. I actually thought maybe she had horn buds, but no - just
eyebrows. She also has a spot on one ear, and a
large spot on her back. They all appear to be
phaeo - and will probably fade away - but it is so cute now. She is also very friendly and playful.

Also this morning, I got a phone call from a very dear friend of mine Cate DeSantis. She purchased a few sheep from me this past few years, and had them bred to my rams this past winter. Seems that I became a Grandma this morning - Minn, had a little ewe lamb early this morning (for pictures of Minn - go back to my Feb 16th post) . Both Minn, and her daughter
"Rose" are doing well. I will post a picture of Rose as soon as Cate sends one to me.

And, just so you know - I have to go out of town this Saturday - my husband has to work out of town this weekend, and my daughter will be away on course out of town this weekend. My 14 year old son will be home looking after things. So I guess - lambing should begin in earnest this Saturday (isn't that how Murphy's Law works).

More Later.

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