Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wrong Again?????

Well - I was wrong again - how can that be? That would be twice in one week - let alone this lifetime (hee hee).
On the right here - we have Hearts (not Blizzard - Hearts). This is Kalwa Taure Hearts, and her
two little black smirslet ram lambs - born this afternoon around 1pm.
Actually - my wonderful 14 year old son - skipped school today (yes - I am an enabler) - to help with lambing.
He checked on the sheep every hour on the hour to make sure everyone was healthy and alert.
At 1 pm - I got a call on my cell phone - "mom, I just went out to the barn - and there's a black lamb - with a black sheep". I rushed home - to find that Hearts had delivered another lamb in the 20 minutes since I had spoken to him.
Both were up - and nursing (not the most brilliant of boys - as you can see they are fighting over the same teat) - and vigorous. I dipped cords, penned them, and left.

And, an update - the little ewe lamb delivered by Molly last night is doing well. She is bouncing around and very active today. I spent most of last evening in the barn - trying to feed her and worrying. Molly is a very private ewe, and tends to freeze when anyone comes into the area - so I am sure that she was just reacting to all of the attention - it was also darned cold yesterday - and rainy. I had to put up the heat lamp last night - and I swear there was frost on the ground this morning) You could see your breath outside. By the way - Molly and her lamb will be leaving us - they have been sold, and will be heading out in July or August.

So - the count is 2 ewe lambs, 2 ram lambs. 5 more ewes to lamb.
I'm taking bets on who will be next:
Blizzard, Bella, Jessie, Greta or Olivia. I still think Blizzard - but Bella is looking awfully ready as well. Stay tuned.

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