Monday, May 28, 2007

Ladies in Waiting

This is one of my favourite pictures.

Although it's not the best picture, because I
appear to have something on the lens of my camera that looks like dirt - I like this picture
because it shows most of my pregnant ewes all in
a circle - big, fat bellies - ready to deliver their lambs.

I took this picture from the loft - and everyone was pigging out on some minerals and kelp
before the evening rest. I'll probably keep them in the barn now for the next few days - only
because the weather is supposed to be very hot.
Being that I work all day - I like to keep the girls in where it's a bit cooler.
Lambs should be arriving in the next few days - it's starting to get very exciting.

Now I'm going to go and try to clean my camera lens.
I will keep you posted as the lambs start to arrive.

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