Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Will it Ever Melt??!!

Well - I got a call from the office this morning - telling me to stay home for a few hours. So I thought I would take the time to update the blog a little bit.

Last night - we were supposed to get about 1 cm of snow (just under 1/2") - however:

I got up this morning - and there is at least another 6" on the ground - and it's still coming down.
In Sarnia (where I work - about 15 miles to the north) - they tell me that it's closer to a foot of snow on the ground. I think I'm gonna become a weatherman - I mean really - where else can you have a job where you are wrong most of the time - and you don't get fired.

Just as an aside here - that birdfeeder post is 8 feet high. This morning I was standing on the snow drift (yes - standing ON the snow drift) - and I was eye level with the top of the post - I'm only 5'4" tall. Will we ever see the grass again?

They are forecasting that the temperature is going to rise to about 45 degrees farenheit on Saturday - and rain. Do we believe them? Stay tuned.

Well - I had been wondering about where my remote control kept going:

I think the picture says it all.