Monday, June 18, 2007

Meet the Lambs

Ok - lambing is over at Kalwa Taure Shetlands for 2007. So it's time to meet the lambs. Click on any of the pictures for a larger image....

First up is Gabriella:
Dam is Cherrington Alice, Sire is Ewenique Tristan.
She was our first born this year and of course it shows.
Very tame - the leader of the pack. She's very large compared to the other lambs. But totally friendly and
relaxed around humans. She is white - with one black
spot on her front knee.

Next up is Trinity:
Dam is Willowgarden Bella, Sire is Woolly Pedro.
She is a yuglet flecket. Her fleece looks white, but
has some grey hairs in it. She's still very flighty - which is
funny since her mom is one of my tamest sheep.

This is Kellynn:
A lovely little ewe out of Cherrington Jessie and
Ewenique Tristan. Her fleece is very tightly
crimped. Kellynn was a bit of a surprise - since both of
her parents are white - however, Tristan is carrying
moorit. Right now, she is very dark moorit on the front
end - and black on the hind end. Her muzzle and inside
her ears are cream - will I take a guess that she is going to fade to musket. She seems very delicate and fragile -
probably because she is very tiny.

This little cutie is our last lamb born this year.
Meet: Jillian, out of Kalwa Taure Blizzard and Woolly Pedro.
She's going to be a gray flecket like her mom -
and I really hope she holds her spots like her mom has
because Blizzard is the neatest colours. Jillian is a real
Pet - she loves the full body massage - just like mommy.

This little girl is Lyra:
Out of Willowgarden Greta Garbo and Woolly Pedro.
Now, when she was born - I was pretty sure that she
was black, but last night, I was looking at her nose -
and her muzzle is turning brown. Since Greta is mioget
'm wondering if she is going to go mioget. We'll have to
her very closely.

This little Darling is Chiara.
She is out of Cherrington Molly and Woolly Pedro.
Chiara and Molly are both sold.
It's going to be hard to let this little girl go - she is soooooo
sweet. She's also a little devil - and gets into everything.

This striking little Fella is Peter:
Very friendly - dark brown - possibly mioget
ram lamb out of Kalwa Taure Hearts and
Woolly Pedro.
Peter has quite the facial markings, and
He's quite friendly, and another lover of
the full body massage.

This good looking ram lamb is Noah.
He's our second last born this year - to Kalwa Taure
Blizzard and Woolly Pedro.
Noah means restful - he was named this in particular
because Noah loves to sleep.
He's going to be a striking ram with those markings, and he
will carry spots in a big way.

This young fellow is Tarian: his dam is Kalwa Taure
Hearts, and his sire is Woolly Pedro.
He is the twin to Peter. Tarian has the smirslet
facial markings, plus quite a lot of white on top of his head.

And last - but not the very least is Eric (the Great).
He was huge when he was born - and was our
only assisted lambing this year.

Well - that's everyone for this year. We were very pleased with the lambing.
In the next few weeks I will be assessing all of the sheep
and posting a sales list. I have several mature ewes for
sale, as well as a few wethers that would make great fibre pets.

Keep checking back, or contact me if you think there might be something here that interests you.

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