Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring has Finally Sprung - I Hope!

OK - so last time - I spoke too soon. But today - well - it's 75 degrees Farenheit - here's hoping!

So, earlier, I thought I would take a little wander around the pasture, take a few pictures, etc. etc.

I very quietly opened the gate by the pond and went in (all the sheep were up by the barn - and I didn't really want to be mobbed).

Guess I wasn't quiet enough - here comes the gang: Stampede!

Well - after much petting and scratching, I was able to resume my walk (when they discovered that Mom didn't have any cookies).

Anyway - you'll remember our tree that
came over by the pond - well - here's what's
left of it.

Kevin went out last week and cut it up.

We left the fallen tree out for the sheep - guess it
was yummy!

Peggy thinks there might still be a few leaves at the top.

This is Jillian - she's starting to look just a
bit raggedy. Jillian was bred in January - and
is due to have her lamb(s) in mid June.

I think it's time to give my shearer a call - see if he can come out for Mid-May.

My daughter gets home from University next week
- just in time to help out. I bet she'll be thrilled!

You can see how dry the pasture is getting.
We are supposed to get some rain in the next few days.

And in leaving - I'll leave you with a picture of "Fawkes."

Fawkes is a Red Phoenix rooster that I got earlier this year. He's still quite young.
He's quite a striking dude - don't you think? His tail is coming in quite nicely - and can grow up to 6 feet long.

I've put another picture here showing a phoenix with a longer tail.
I'm hoping we can get Fawke's tail quite long - but he will need a special
perch for this.

More soon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oops - I spoke too soon!

Umm - I think I should have kept my mouth shut about spring finally being here.
Hopefully this won't last too long.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Apologies

I have been very busy this past month. Getting ready for pottery sales coming up in May, getting ready for lambs coming in June. And baby chicks coming in May as well. It has been crazy. I've also been away taking several pottery courses this past 6 weeks - but you'll have to visit my pottery blog to check out:
If the link doesn't work - I have it on my sidebar in links.

I've worked a lot of overtime this past month as well. As you know, we are in a recession, and I
have really been packing in the overtime this last month to keep the work flowing at our business.
It seems to be working somewhat - but darn am I tired.

The good news is - winter seems to have finally taken it's leave. The snow is gone, the days are warmer.

The bad news is - we are now into the season of mud. So - I've had to be very selective of how many sheep could go out onto the pastures - and when.

Yesterday - we had some pretty gusty winds here - they took down the old honeysuckle bush out by the barn (I confess it wasn't in very good shape, and was dying anyway). Unfortunately - we also lost this wonderful "Huge" cedar tree out by the pond.

It split a couple of weeks ago, and we chained it back together - but the water in the pond has been so high this past year, that all the earth has eroded around the roots.

At least the sheep are enjoying it.

We've had a tremendous amount of wind damage in our woods this past winter. There have been some ferocious wind storms over the past few months - and huge trees are coming down every where. Mother natures way of changing the landscape I guess.

Well - I hope to get some good pictures of my sheep in the next few days, so I will have to post them, and I will try to keep posting a little more often. At least now that the weather is a bit better - it's easier to get outside.

Until next time.