Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where is My Camera When I Need It?

Of course - it's in the livingroom - and I'm on the back porch - Argghh!!! Tonight, as we were on the back step - a little fawn came walking out of the wheat field right beside us and slowly walked
up the trail to the woods. However, not slowly eneough that I could get my camera and take a picture. Now - although this was a surprise, I was a bit suspicious. The mother to this baby has
been grazing this field for weeks, and I was starting to think she had a baby nearby. As a bit of history here, the mom was born right beside our house here about 4 years ago. Her mom has a long history with me, and is unfortunately now gone, but I guess it would explain why her daughter would opt to have her babies here as well.

So - no pictures tonight - I will have to try to get a bit of a closer picture of the momma deer tomorrow - and who know's - maybe we will be graced with another glimpse of the fawn.

I'm gonna have to be like those paparazzi - and keep my little camera strapped on in case a good picture comes along.

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