Thursday, June 7, 2007

No New Lambs Today

Today we had a break. I think the remaining 3 pregnant girls thought it was just too hot to do the labour thing. I don't blame you girls. I have to go out of town tomorrow for a meeting - and I'm quite sure that all hell will break loose while I'm gone.

So tonight, I thought I would upload an updated picture of Woolly Pedro. He is a stunningly correct young man. I absolutely LOVE his horns they must be at least 18" wide (now I have to go and measure them). And the best part
of all is that he has a wonderful personality. He is just afraid enough to keep his distance - but when
you approach him at the stall or through the fence, he just loves to have his chin scratched - by me
anyway. Pedro is also a fully marked HST (head,
socks, tail) or yuglet socket. He has 4 white socks, a white tail, and of course as you can see,
a white head. Don't you just love those striped horns.
Alas - Pedro has one problem - we used him in a
test breeding this year on several ewes - so far - no ewes have produced his markings (except of course the one lamb that was born pre-maturely dead).
We've got lots of smirslet though. I'll probably use him in a very limited breeding this fall, and then we'll see where we go from there.

Well - unless there is major compelling news tomorrow - you probably won't hear from me until
Sunday. Enjoy the weekend.

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