Friday, June 15, 2007

Gulmoget Update?

Ok, I am still waiting for my friend Cate to send me along some more pictures of the little ram lamb born yesterday. The other pictures that I have of him are rather fuzzy. But I will post them when I get them.
In the meantime, I did mention that last year, a friend of mine leased Merlin and used him as the stud ram at her farm.

This first picture is Duncan (born in 2006).
Not the best picture - he was a bit put out when we took him out of the trailer.

This next picture though shows Duncan's belly - remember - these are pictures taken in 2006.

Definitely a very defined white underbelly.

And now, this picture was taken of Duncan
this year, only a few days ago after shearing.

Unfortunately - we can't see his face very well.
So we can't see if he has eye flashes. However - still white under the belly and legs.

Now, this last picture that I'm going to post right now, is of a ram lamb that was born this year at
Dawn's farm.

He was sired by Duncan and is out Woolly Bonnie

Again, you can see the white underbelly, and the phaeo markings - and I think that's black at the eyes - and I don't know if they classify as eye flashes or not.

However, this gulmoget marking trend has continued.

I will post the pictures of Cate's ram lambs as soon as they arrive.

Hope these pictures are a bit helpful to those of you that are trying to help me.

Again - comments are greatly appreciated.


Nancy K. said...

Fascinating!!! I just looked through my "Colour Census Illustrated" and on the main page describing Katmoget and Gulmoget it does say: "...the underparts, extending to the legs and up the hindquarers on either side of the tail, are pale. But the pale colour does not normally extend to the chest area. The lower jaw and the muzzle, however, are pale, as are the markings near the eyes - someimes encircling them." (my emphasis>

There are a number of illustrations in the census that are classified as gulmogets that do not show the typical eye "slashes" that I though Gul's were supposed to have...

Regardless of what the proper name for his markings may be ~ that is one, GORGEOUS ram!!! Congratulations!

Tammy said...

Thanks Nancy - that is very helpful information.
This genetics stuff is just starting for fascinate me. Most of my sheep are solid markings - although I do know that they carry lots of spots.
As a matter of fact - the twin lambs born yesterday - one looks gulmoget,
and the other is just wildly spotted.
Of course Merlin's picture is on the blog, I will try to get a picture
of Esme to put up as well - she is basically a light grey ewe with
phaeo markings.
I'm really starting to wonder about these phaeo markings and exactly what that symbolizes.
Any opinions?

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm no expert, but Duncan definitely looks gulmoget to me, and his son looks likely, too. But I would say Cate's one ram lamb is Ag grey, and his light areas just happen to be in similar areas to a gully.

Tammy said...

I was thinking the same thing Michelle. I think we'll watch this little fella closely - and do some more test breeding with Merlin to see what we get. I think this marking can be quite confusing sometimes.

Garrett808 said...

Hi there. I had a lamb born today that looks a LOT like your spontaneous gulmogets. Did you ever secure a for sure marking? I heard someone mention "burrit" also meaning light belly with a dark back and sides. any help would be appreciated! She is also Ag. You can find her on my blog. Thanks!