Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My LITTLE Flock Grows

Well, I thought it was time to do a little bit of blogging. I've been away for the past couple of weekends, helping my elderly aunt and uncle after my uncle had surgery complications.

The night before I left, I had made up 15 sheep bodies in clay. Unfortunately, they got too dry while I was away - and I had to trash the entire lot.

So - I thought that I would start my mini flock. As you can see - my mini flock is growing.

The thread spool on the right should give you an indication of the approximate size of these
little guys. Once the flock gets up to 30 - I'm going to break them into little groups - and turn them into mobiles - or windchimes - I'm not too sure just yet. By the way - that is a dog in the front of the flock (I should have turned him around).

This weekend - I will throw the bodies for some more of the medium size sheep - then I can get back to work on them. In the next few weeks - I should have about 20 of them ready to fire.
Glazing will start in the next few weeks.

Johhny Watch: Seems Everyone Loves Johnny.

While I was away visiting my aunt and uncle - my daughter snapped this picture of Johnny and Greyling snuggled up together on the chair. Note the arms around his neck. Either she really loves him - or she's trying to strangle him. He's going to be a big boy. I frequently think he's part snowshoe rabbit - he's got the biggest feet. We'll have to wait and see.