Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where is My Camera When I Need It?

Of course - it's in the livingroom - and I'm on the back porch - Argghh!!! Tonight, as we were on the back step - a little fawn came walking out of the wheat field right beside us and slowly walked
up the trail to the woods. However, not slowly eneough that I could get my camera and take a picture. Now - although this was a surprise, I was a bit suspicious. The mother to this baby has
been grazing this field for weeks, and I was starting to think she had a baby nearby. As a bit of history here, the mom was born right beside our house here about 4 years ago. Her mom has a long history with me, and is unfortunately now gone, but I guess it would explain why her daughter would opt to have her babies here as well.

So - no pictures tonight - I will have to try to get a bit of a closer picture of the momma deer tomorrow - and who know's - maybe we will be graced with another glimpse of the fawn.

I'm gonna have to be like those paparazzi - and keep my little camera strapped on in case a good picture comes along.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

2007 Sheep Sales List & Spinning Wheel

Well - I've decided that since I will be laid up for a while, it's time to do a bit of flock
reduction. This has been heartbreaking for me - as these are all wonderful sheep - but I must reduce in size, especially if I want to do some breeding for next year.
So - here goes.

The rules are - if you want someone - contact me - and we can discuss terms.

-25% non refundable cheque will hold the sheep till September 30th.
-Payments can be made in 4 post dated cheques - June 30, July 30, Aug 30 & Sept 30 for sheep being held.
-All sheep must be paid for before they leave the farm - cheques must be certified - or have cleared the bank. (cash is also acceptable).
-All sheep are FOB my farm - however - we might make a delivery to the Kingston area by
August (surgery pending). I will also be going to Fergus area in July - delivery can be arranged
for that area. (please note - I cannot lift - so it is required that you have someone very strong to help with offloading/loading of sheep).
-Quantity discounts will apply - on purchase of 3 or more sheep at one time - deduct $25 per
animal (with the exception of special deals).
-Please don't be afraid to discuss purchasing the entire lot - or making a deal on several sheep.
(Entire lot can be purchased for $2200 - excludes wheel and stud rams).

Here goes - Pictures can be seen on my website for most of the sheep (link in top right corner) - or also on this blog for any that aren't posted. I don't have up to date pictures for everyone.

2007 Lambs: (all of these lambs carry spots and will produce some flash)

Kalwa Taure Tarian: Black Smirslet ram lamb. Sire is Woolly Pedro, Dam is Kalwa Taure Hearts. $250 registered or $100 unregistered. Carries Spots. SOLD

Kalwa Taure Noah: Black Smirslet ram lamb. (Might go gray). Sire is Woolly Pedro, Dam is Kalwa Taure Blizzard. $250 registered or $100 unregistered. SOLD

Kalwa Taure Eric: Black Smirslet flecket ram lamb. Sire is Woolly Pedro, Dam is Kalwa Taure
Olivia (moorit). $250 registered or $100 unregistered. SOLD

Kalwa Taure Peter: Moorit (possibly mioget) smirslet ram lamb. Sire is Woolly Pedro, Dam is
Kalwa Taure Hearts. $250 registered or $100 unregistered. SOLD

Kalwa Taure Lyra: Black Smirslet ewe lamb. Sire is Woolly Pedro, Dam is Willow Garden
Greta Garbo (mioget). $300 (this ewe might be starting to either fade or go mioget - can't tell yet). SOLD

Mature Ewes:
Kalwa Taure Hearts: Born 2003. Solid Black ewe. Sire is Kalwa Taure Liam, Dam is Cherrington Queen Mary. Very nice fleece. Very good mother, relaxed and friendly. $250

Kalwa Taure Olivia: Born 2003. Moorit ewe - carrying spots. Sire is Kalwa Taure Liam, Dam is Cherrington Brandy. Very good protective mother. $250.

Kalwa Taure Elly: Born 2003. Moorit ewe - carrying spots. Sire is Kalwa Taure Liam, Dam is Cherrington Brandy. Never bred. $250.

Thistlecroft Abigail: Born 2006. Grey yearling ewe - possible faded gulmoget. Sire is Cherrington Merlin, Dam is Prairie Amy. Definitely carries spots. $300

Willowgarden Fava Bean: Born 2006. Black Gulmoget. Carries katmoget as well. Sire is
Willowgarden Smokey Robinson, Dam is Shelteringpines Precipitation. $300 SOLD

Wethers: (these are all great fibre pets - wonderful fleeces, castrated)

Kalwa Taure Peanut: Born 2003 - Musket. $75.
Hopeful Wilbur: Born 2005? - grey flecket $75.
Ewenique Tristan: Born 2006 - white $100. SOLD


Woolly Pedro: Born 2006 - Black and White HST. Sire is Valley Road Rusty (mioget), dam is Woolly Nelly. Available AFTER October 30/07. Conditions apply for stud rights in 2008.

These rams are being offered for STUD SERVICES ONLY:

Cherrington Merlin: Born 2001 - Grey (emsket) - bielset - carrying spots and gulmoget.
Sire is Cherrington Heathcliffe, Dam is Cherrington Queen Mary.
$35 per ewe (see conditions).

Cherrington Harry: Born 2001 - Grey (emsket) - Sire is Cherrington Heathcliffe, dam is Cherrington Esther.
$30 per ewe (see conditions).

Conditions for stud service.
All ewes to be serviced are to be delivered to my farm - 1 week prior to exposure. Period of exposure will be for 30 days. Fee is for one month exposure. Ewe is to be picked up by owner after exposure period to ram. Note: if conception does not occur, and free exposure will be offered the following year to the same, or any other ram available at that time.
A limited number of ewes will be exposed to the ram each month for the months of November,
December and January. Please book in advance and submit payment as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Last Item - beautiful Ashford Traveller spinning wheel
with 8 bobbins $400 + shipping if required.
(1 of the bobbins has been chewed by a naughty puppy - but is still usable). I really hate to part with this wheel - however, I have just purchased a Louet Victoria, and I really don't have the room for both wheels here. This is a steal - this wheel retails for $550 new + bobbins at $13 each. SOLD

Whew - that's it - please contact me if you have any questions:
tammy ward@xcelco.on.ca

Monday, June 18, 2007

Meet the Lambs

Ok - lambing is over at Kalwa Taure Shetlands for 2007. So it's time to meet the lambs. Click on any of the pictures for a larger image....

First up is Gabriella:
Dam is Cherrington Alice, Sire is Ewenique Tristan.
She was our first born this year and of course it shows.
Very tame - the leader of the pack. She's very large compared to the other lambs. But totally friendly and
relaxed around humans. She is white - with one black
spot on her front knee.

Next up is Trinity:
Dam is Willowgarden Bella, Sire is Woolly Pedro.
She is a yuglet flecket. Her fleece looks white, but
has some grey hairs in it. She's still very flighty - which is
funny since her mom is one of my tamest sheep.

This is Kellynn:
A lovely little ewe out of Cherrington Jessie and
Ewenique Tristan. Her fleece is very tightly
crimped. Kellynn was a bit of a surprise - since both of
her parents are white - however, Tristan is carrying
moorit. Right now, she is very dark moorit on the front
end - and black on the hind end. Her muzzle and inside
her ears are cream - will I take a guess that she is going to fade to musket. She seems very delicate and fragile -
probably because she is very tiny.

This little cutie is our last lamb born this year.
Meet: Jillian, out of Kalwa Taure Blizzard and Woolly Pedro.
She's going to be a gray flecket like her mom -
and I really hope she holds her spots like her mom has
because Blizzard is the neatest colours. Jillian is a real
Pet - she loves the full body massage - just like mommy.

This little girl is Lyra:
Out of Willowgarden Greta Garbo and Woolly Pedro.
Now, when she was born - I was pretty sure that she
was black, but last night, I was looking at her nose -
and her muzzle is turning brown. Since Greta is mioget
'm wondering if she is going to go mioget. We'll have to
her very closely.

This little Darling is Chiara.
She is out of Cherrington Molly and Woolly Pedro.
Chiara and Molly are both sold.
It's going to be hard to let this little girl go - she is soooooo
sweet. She's also a little devil - and gets into everything.

This striking little Fella is Peter:
Very friendly - dark brown - possibly mioget
ram lamb out of Kalwa Taure Hearts and
Woolly Pedro.
Peter has quite the facial markings, and
He's quite friendly, and another lover of
the full body massage.

This good looking ram lamb is Noah.
He's our second last born this year - to Kalwa Taure
Blizzard and Woolly Pedro.
Noah means restful - he was named this in particular
because Noah loves to sleep.
He's going to be a striking ram with those markings, and he
will carry spots in a big way.

This young fellow is Tarian: his dam is Kalwa Taure
Hearts, and his sire is Woolly Pedro.
He is the twin to Peter. Tarian has the smirslet
facial markings, plus quite a lot of white on top of his head.

And last - but not the very least is Eric (the Great).
He was huge when he was born - and was our
only assisted lambing this year.

Well - that's everyone for this year. We were very pleased with the lambing.
In the next few weeks I will be assessing all of the sheep
and posting a sales list. I have several mature ewes for
sale, as well as a few wethers that would make great fibre pets.

Keep checking back, or contact me if you think there might be something here that interests you.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Pictures of the New Ram Lamb

Ok - Cate has sent pictures of the two new ram lambs. These lambs are out of Cherrington Merlin, and Kalwa Taure Esme. They were both born yesterday. Now, I find it quite interesting, if you look at both of the parents being as solid and plain as they are, and they have given us such spots and markings. These are much better pictures, and maybe we can make a better assessment of the markings.
I can see that he is clearly white under the tail and the belly and up onto the chest and the back of the front legs. However - the markings around the head are confusing. Looking at his
mouth being grey - would I be correct to assume that he is going to fade to gray?

Again - this second picture gives a better close-up of the head and facial markings.
Actually - I think he's quite a stunning little fellow - regardless of what colour he becomes.

Look at the circles around his eyes. They are quite striking.

This last picture shows Esme with the two ram
lambs. Quite interesting - but when Esme was a lamb - she was quite light grey - with black legs and 4 white socks.
The other little guy is quite cute too. My indication is that he will be a gray flecket - I will have to check him over for solid spots that go right down to the skin.

This picture also shows the white on the underside of the tail of this little ram.

Now - the question. Is he gulmoget? Is he a
spotted gulmoget? If he's Ag - is he still a gulmoget - or just a grey? Is he carrying the recessive gulmoget gene? I have lots to learn about the genetics - of course - I think we need to watch this little fellow.

Gulmoget Update?

Ok, I am still waiting for my friend Cate to send me along some more pictures of the little ram lamb born yesterday. The other pictures that I have of him are rather fuzzy. But I will post them when I get them.
In the meantime, I did mention that last year, a friend of mine leased Merlin and used him as the stud ram at her farm.

This first picture is Duncan (born in 2006).
Not the best picture - he was a bit put out when we took him out of the trailer.

This next picture though shows Duncan's belly - remember - these are pictures taken in 2006.

Definitely a very defined white underbelly.

And now, this picture was taken of Duncan
this year, only a few days ago after shearing.

Unfortunately - we can't see his face very well.
So we can't see if he has eye flashes. However - still white under the belly and legs.

Now, this last picture that I'm going to post right now, is of a ram lamb that was born this year at
Dawn's farm.

He was sired by Duncan and is out Woolly Bonnie

Again, you can see the white underbelly, and the phaeo markings - and I think that's black at the eyes - and I don't know if they classify as eye flashes or not.

However, this gulmoget marking trend has continued.

I will post the pictures of Cate's ram lambs as soon as they arrive.

Hope these pictures are a bit helpful to those of you that are trying to help me.

Again - comments are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Late Update

OK Folks - I said I wasn't going to do this until tomorrow - but I'm going to do it tonight anyway.

We have a gulmoget - out of the blue.

I know it's not the best picture. On top of that - it looks
like maybe a spotted gulmoget (just looking at the head markings)
Sorry the picture is fuzzy - it was taken on a camera phone.

This little fella is out of Kalwa Taure Esme - a light grey ewe with phaeo markings, and Cherrington Merlin - a light grey ram (see picture below).

Merlin is not katmoget.

Now - I should also say - this lamb is not out of the blue.
Last year - a friend of mine leased him - and he gave her a black gulmoget ram - and a grey
"burrit" ewe - that has now faded away to just look like a grey ewe lamb with phaeo. She also had a gulmoget ram on her property that had been castrated a few months previous to breeding her sheep - and without actually going to DNA testing - couldn't prove that it was Merlin that sired the lambs. This year however - Merlin was put in with only 2 of my (actually now owned by my friend Cate) ewes. There is NO doubt that Merlin is the sire - he is kept on
my father's property with one other intact ram of mine - and 3 wethers. There are no other sheep there. We also keep our breeding group in a separate section of the barn - so we know without a doubt.

Please note - this line is completely unrelated to the Tisket line here in Ontario that Bill Stearman
has - I have owned this ram for 5 years - and never used him for breeding until last year, and this year for my friend Cate.
So this has come as a very big shock to us.

I would greatly appreciate comments and feedback.

I was thinking that these lambs were throwing back to Cherrington Esther - as she is the dam of both Esme and Nina (who had the gulmoget ram last year) - however - the burrit ewe is completely unrelated to our line - and although she is an incomplete gulmoget - I still believe by her baby picture - that she was burrit - or something to that effect.

We are excited about this - to know that the gulmoget line was sitting dormant in our barn all this time.

As Promised

Ok - as promised, here are pictures of the last two little lambs born on Tuesday to Blizzard.

The first one here is her little ewe lamb. You can see mom in the background. Blizzard is a very relaxed mom around me anyway.
So - she appears to be black smirslet - or maybe that's yuglet around the eyes - I'm not sure.
She also has a lot of white on the body. Blizzard was a lot like this when she was born. Everyone kept telling me she would fade away to grey - however, she has managed to keep a lot of the spots - her fleece is stunning (Blizzard's that is).

Now this one is of her ram lamb. Sorry - but I can't get
a shot of him unless he's eating - he seems to be permanently attached to Blizzard's udder (I could make a whole bunch of comments here - but I will behave). Anyway - he is mostly black - and again has the smirslet patches around the head.

Both of these little ones are very devilish and vocal.
I think they will be a bit of a chore. Ah - who am I kidding, Blizzard was a total doll (still is) - if they grow up like mom - they'll be great.

Well - we have hay to bring in - so I'd better get going.
Tomorrow - I think I may have a big surprise regarding my friend Cate's lambs.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lambing is Finished

Lambing finished up tonight at Kalwa Taure Shetlands around 7 pm. Kalwa Taure Blizzard presented us with a smirslet ewe lamb, and a smirlet ram lamb - both appear to be black.
Sire is Woolly Pedro.
I will post pictures tomorrow as I am terribly sick tonight.
Total stands at 10 lambs:
6 ewes, 4 rams.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Two More Lambs Today.

Today was an exciting and stressful day here at Kalwa Taure Shetlands.
We started off with a trip to the barn at 7 am.
I noticed that Olivia had fluid trickling, so I thought
great - a lamb today. Why do they always wait until I have to go to work? After a few minutes, the nose appeared. I waited and watched - and watched - and watched. After about 1/2 I stepped in to examine the nose more carefully, and realized that it was actually the front paws and nose.
I sent my daughter down the road to get the lubricating fluid from a good friend who also raises goats. Brittany arrived back and I immediately donned gloves and lubed up - only to find that, I couldn't get my hand in - this was one BIG lamb. Back Britt went to call my friend (who graciously came down - and was late for work). By the time she arrived, I had deftly moved the
lamb around and managed to pull the lambs head out up to the mid section (I really hate interfering with birthing). By this time - Olivia was exhausted, and couldn't even finish delivering this lamb. I pulled the lamb the rest of the way - and cleaned off the remaining membranes, and gently laid him down beside his mom who started to clean him up.
A big - black ram with smirslet markings and some white on his legs.

By this time - Britt has missed her schoolbus - so I drove her to school. I made a detour back home to check on Olivia and her Huge ewe lamb - Mom and baby were up and bouncing around.
I should mention that this ram lamb is the size of most of my week old lambs. Britt has named him legs - because his legs are so long. Jessie - another of my ewes waiting to lamb, is very interested in this lamb - but I have to go to work - besides - I'm suspicious now.

Sure enough - Brittany came home from school
at 3 pm to find that Jessie had presented us with this
little brown ewe lamb. She's very tiny. She has
a few white hairs on her head - and the inside of her
ears are white. She also has sugar lips - so my guess is that she is going to be musket.

Well - Blizzard is very upset - she is sure that this is her lamb. In reality - this is her sister.

So - Blizzard is last. Like she said - saving the best for last.

Oh - and by the way:
The little moorit lamb is out of Cherrington Jessie and
Ewenique Tristan (both white).
The large black ram lamb is out of Kalwa Taure Olivia
(moorit) and Woolly Pedro (Black HST).

The current score -
5 ewe lambs.
3 ram lambs.

I'll wait until everyone is done lambing - and then I will post some updated pictures.
By the way - most of them are for sale - so if you're interested - ask.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

No New Lambs Today

Today we had a break. I think the remaining 3 pregnant girls thought it was just too hot to do the labour thing. I don't blame you girls. I have to go out of town tomorrow for a meeting - and I'm quite sure that all hell will break loose while I'm gone.

So tonight, I thought I would upload an updated picture of Woolly Pedro. He is a stunningly correct young man. I absolutely LOVE his horns they must be at least 18" wide (now I have to go and measure them). And the best part
of all is that he has a wonderful personality. He is just afraid enough to keep his distance - but when
you approach him at the stall or through the fence, he just loves to have his chin scratched - by me
anyway. Pedro is also a fully marked HST (head,
socks, tail) or yuglet socket. He has 4 white socks, a white tail, and of course as you can see,
a white head. Don't you just love those striped horns.
Alas - Pedro has one problem - we used him in a
test breeding this year on several ewes - so far - no ewes have produced his markings (except of course the one lamb that was born pre-maturely dead).
We've got lots of smirslet though. I'll probably use him in a very limited breeding this fall, and then we'll see where we go from there.

Well - unless there is major compelling news tomorrow - you probably won't hear from me until
Sunday. Enjoy the weekend.

More Lambs!!


I'm sure that this is the year of the single. So far, all of my ewes that have had babies, have had singles - except Hearts has given me twins. It's not a problem of course - because I don't have as many babies to sell that way.

Well - today we were surprised with 2 lambs - from 2 different ewes!

I went to the barn this morning - walked into the stall, and right past this little cutie here.

Isn't she a doll?! Now - I'm terribly confused.
I think Bella must have snuck in with my white
ram lamb one night? She is pure - sparkling white, the tips of her ears are black, and she has a bit of black on her lips. Her mom is a very light grey (almost white) yuglet, and her dad (Woolly
Pedro) is a black HST. She is out of Willowgarden Bella. I'm thinking - she might be a keeper - but haven't really decided yet. She is very delicate and dainty.

By the way - you notice that I don't offer any comments on fleece crimpiness or coats. I'm a firm believer that lambs tend to change too much in the first year to give a totally accurate
assessment on fleeces - just my opinion.

This afternoon - Willowgarden Greta presented us with this little cutie - also a ewe lamb.
Sire is Woolly Pedro.
At this point - she looks to be black, smirslet - however, that is in my dark barn.
Greta is a mioget. So - in a couple of days - out in the sunlight - I will make a better assessment of the situation.

So far - 2 ram lambs, 4 ewe lambs.
Lots of smirslet - 2 white.
3 more ewes to go.
By the way - Blizzard has informed me - she's saving the best for last (chuckle).

And - as promised:

Presenting : Earendel Rose - born out of
Kalwa Taure Minn, and Cherrington Merlin.
Cate has informed me that I am a granny now, even though I keep telling her that I don't want any grandchildren.
Mommy and daughter, and adoptive parents
Cate and Al are all doing fine.
I will be travelling to visit them this weekend - barring any unforseen lambing problems.
They live about a 3 hour drive from here, and while I'm there, I will also be checking up on a couple of other sheep I sold Cate and Al -
Cherrington Brandy, and Kalwa Taure Esme.
Both are also expecting to lamb at any time now.

Stay tuned for further developments

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wrong Again?????

Well - I was wrong again - how can that be? That would be twice in one week - let alone this lifetime (hee hee).
On the right here - we have Hearts (not Blizzard - Hearts). This is Kalwa Taure Hearts, and her
two little black smirslet ram lambs - born this afternoon around 1pm.
Actually - my wonderful 14 year old son - skipped school today (yes - I am an enabler) - to help with lambing.
He checked on the sheep every hour on the hour to make sure everyone was healthy and alert.
At 1 pm - I got a call on my cell phone - "mom, I just went out to the barn - and there's a black lamb - with a black sheep". I rushed home - to find that Hearts had delivered another lamb in the 20 minutes since I had spoken to him.
Both were up - and nursing (not the most brilliant of boys - as you can see they are fighting over the same teat) - and vigorous. I dipped cords, penned them, and left.

And, an update - the little ewe lamb delivered by Molly last night is doing well. She is bouncing around and very active today. I spent most of last evening in the barn - trying to feed her and worrying. Molly is a very private ewe, and tends to freeze when anyone comes into the area - so I am sure that she was just reacting to all of the attention - it was also darned cold yesterday - and rainy. I had to put up the heat lamp last night - and I swear there was frost on the ground this morning) You could see your breath outside. By the way - Molly and her lamb will be leaving us - they have been sold, and will be heading out in July or August.

So - the count is 2 ewe lambs, 2 ram lambs. 5 more ewes to lamb.
I'm taking bets on who will be next:
Blizzard, Bella, Jessie, Greta or Olivia. I still think Blizzard - but Bella is looking awfully ready as well. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I Was Wrong

Ok - so I was wrong (must be like, the first time ever :-) ). Anyway, we had another lamb born today - to Cherrington Molly, (not to Blizzard as I predicted). She's a little moorit, smirslet ewe lamb - sire is Woolly Pedro.
She's very tiny - so, I'm not too sure if Molly is going to present another lamb. We haven't seen the placenta yet. Molly is also a very shy ewe, so
she's not overly pleased with all of this attention.
Of course, we couldn't have picked a yuckier day to have a lamb - it was so cold here today - 50 degrees, and the north wind is really blowing.
I've spent the last 4 hours out in the barn - putting up the heat lamp, moving ewes around, and trying to keep an eye on this little one. She doesn't appear to be feeding well, so I have supplemented her with colostrum and some milk replacer, which has perked her up a bit. I think, it's going to be a very long night.

On a brighter note..........................
here's an update on my little darling:
GABRIELLA! Yes - this is our little first born from last week. She is such a pet. Of course in this picture you can't see it - but it's so hilarious - she has two perfect little brown eyebrows. I actually thought maybe she had horn buds, but no - just
eyebrows. She also has a spot on one ear, and a
large spot on her back. They all appear to be
phaeo - and will probably fade away - but it is so cute now. She is also very friendly and playful.

Also this morning, I got a phone call from a very dear friend of mine Cate DeSantis. She purchased a few sheep from me this past few years, and had them bred to my rams this past winter. Seems that I became a Grandma this morning - Minn, had a little ewe lamb early this morning (for pictures of Minn - go back to my Feb 16th post) . Both Minn, and her daughter
"Rose" are doing well. I will post a picture of Rose as soon as Cate sends one to me.

And, just so you know - I have to go out of town this Saturday - my husband has to work out of town this weekend, and my daughter will be away on course out of town this weekend. My 14 year old son will be home looking after things. So I guess - lambing should begin in earnest this Saturday (isn't that how Murphy's Law works).

More Later.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

No More Lambs Yet

Well - just a quick update. Alice has thrown us a curve. For the first time - a single lamb.
Her age may have some play in this - she is 10 years old. Her little girl is doing just fine, and
Jessie seems to have settled down and realized that this isn't really her lamb.
So, the wait is on - who will be next. My bets are with Blizzard. She's looking rather sunken in the sides.

This is Blizzard's picture from last year. She is a rather striking grey flecket. But more than that - she is my baby. By far the most spoiled sheep on this farm.

So - once again - stay tuned, and I'll keep you updated as lambing progresses.
(I'm sure everyone will wait until I go back to work on Monday morning anyway).

Friday, June 1, 2007

Lambing has Begun

Well - here's our first lamb of the year (sort of).
I arrived home from work at 1 pm today, to find
this lovely little ewe lamb just being cleaned up.
Her dam is Cherrington Alice (best mom we've ever had), and her sire is a first timer -
Ewenique Tristan. Both are pure white - so the fact that this little one is white is no surprise - she was just what we were hoping for. She does appear to have a phaeo spot on her back, and possibly one above one eye - once she's all cleaned up - we'll check her out a bit better.
And - for the first time ever, we had another ewe trying to steal this lamb. Jessie (who is also Alice's daughter) is currently outside the barn bawling her heart out.
Since Alice always gives me twins - we are still awaiting the arrival of the second.
Stay tuned - I will post as the lambs arrive. Oh - and sadly - for the record, our lovely little
ewe WillowGarden Peggy Lee did have a beautiful ewe lamb a few weeks ago. Unfortunately,
it was born 3 weeks premature - and stillborn. Don't know what was wrong, however, it did occur the day after shearing, so we are assuming some form of stress induced the birth.
Peggy Lee however, the real trooper that she is, appears no worse the wear and is doing fine.