Monday, June 11, 2007

Two More Lambs Today.

Today was an exciting and stressful day here at Kalwa Taure Shetlands.
We started off with a trip to the barn at 7 am.
I noticed that Olivia had fluid trickling, so I thought
great - a lamb today. Why do they always wait until I have to go to work? After a few minutes, the nose appeared. I waited and watched - and watched - and watched. After about 1/2 I stepped in to examine the nose more carefully, and realized that it was actually the front paws and nose.
I sent my daughter down the road to get the lubricating fluid from a good friend who also raises goats. Brittany arrived back and I immediately donned gloves and lubed up - only to find that, I couldn't get my hand in - this was one BIG lamb. Back Britt went to call my friend (who graciously came down - and was late for work). By the time she arrived, I had deftly moved the
lamb around and managed to pull the lambs head out up to the mid section (I really hate interfering with birthing). By this time - Olivia was exhausted, and couldn't even finish delivering this lamb. I pulled the lamb the rest of the way - and cleaned off the remaining membranes, and gently laid him down beside his mom who started to clean him up.
A big - black ram with smirslet markings and some white on his legs.

By this time - Britt has missed her schoolbus - so I drove her to school. I made a detour back home to check on Olivia and her Huge ewe lamb - Mom and baby were up and bouncing around.
I should mention that this ram lamb is the size of most of my week old lambs. Britt has named him legs - because his legs are so long. Jessie - another of my ewes waiting to lamb, is very interested in this lamb - but I have to go to work - besides - I'm suspicious now.

Sure enough - Brittany came home from school
at 3 pm to find that Jessie had presented us with this
little brown ewe lamb. She's very tiny. She has
a few white hairs on her head - and the inside of her
ears are white. She also has sugar lips - so my guess is that she is going to be musket.

Well - Blizzard is very upset - she is sure that this is her lamb. In reality - this is her sister.

So - Blizzard is last. Like she said - saving the best for last.

Oh - and by the way:
The little moorit lamb is out of Cherrington Jessie and
Ewenique Tristan (both white).
The large black ram lamb is out of Kalwa Taure Olivia
(moorit) and Woolly Pedro (Black HST).

The current score -
5 ewe lambs.
3 ram lambs.

I'll wait until everyone is done lambing - and then I will post some updated pictures.
By the way - most of them are for sale - so if you're interested - ask.

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