Thursday, June 21, 2007

2007 Sheep Sales List & Spinning Wheel

Well - I've decided that since I will be laid up for a while, it's time to do a bit of flock
reduction. This has been heartbreaking for me - as these are all wonderful sheep - but I must reduce in size, especially if I want to do some breeding for next year.
So - here goes.

The rules are - if you want someone - contact me - and we can discuss terms.

-25% non refundable cheque will hold the sheep till September 30th.
-Payments can be made in 4 post dated cheques - June 30, July 30, Aug 30 & Sept 30 for sheep being held.
-All sheep must be paid for before they leave the farm - cheques must be certified - or have cleared the bank. (cash is also acceptable).
-All sheep are FOB my farm - however - we might make a delivery to the Kingston area by
August (surgery pending). I will also be going to Fergus area in July - delivery can be arranged
for that area. (please note - I cannot lift - so it is required that you have someone very strong to help with offloading/loading of sheep).
-Quantity discounts will apply - on purchase of 3 or more sheep at one time - deduct $25 per
animal (with the exception of special deals).
-Please don't be afraid to discuss purchasing the entire lot - or making a deal on several sheep.
(Entire lot can be purchased for $2200 - excludes wheel and stud rams).

Here goes - Pictures can be seen on my website for most of the sheep (link in top right corner) - or also on this blog for any that aren't posted. I don't have up to date pictures for everyone.

2007 Lambs: (all of these lambs carry spots and will produce some flash)

Kalwa Taure Tarian: Black Smirslet ram lamb. Sire is Woolly Pedro, Dam is Kalwa Taure Hearts. $250 registered or $100 unregistered. Carries Spots. SOLD

Kalwa Taure Noah: Black Smirslet ram lamb. (Might go gray). Sire is Woolly Pedro, Dam is Kalwa Taure Blizzard. $250 registered or $100 unregistered. SOLD

Kalwa Taure Eric: Black Smirslet flecket ram lamb. Sire is Woolly Pedro, Dam is Kalwa Taure
Olivia (moorit). $250 registered or $100 unregistered. SOLD

Kalwa Taure Peter: Moorit (possibly mioget) smirslet ram lamb. Sire is Woolly Pedro, Dam is
Kalwa Taure Hearts. $250 registered or $100 unregistered. SOLD

Kalwa Taure Lyra: Black Smirslet ewe lamb. Sire is Woolly Pedro, Dam is Willow Garden
Greta Garbo (mioget). $300 (this ewe might be starting to either fade or go mioget - can't tell yet). SOLD

Mature Ewes:
Kalwa Taure Hearts: Born 2003. Solid Black ewe. Sire is Kalwa Taure Liam, Dam is Cherrington Queen Mary. Very nice fleece. Very good mother, relaxed and friendly. $250

Kalwa Taure Olivia: Born 2003. Moorit ewe - carrying spots. Sire is Kalwa Taure Liam, Dam is Cherrington Brandy. Very good protective mother. $250.

Kalwa Taure Elly: Born 2003. Moorit ewe - carrying spots. Sire is Kalwa Taure Liam, Dam is Cherrington Brandy. Never bred. $250.

Thistlecroft Abigail: Born 2006. Grey yearling ewe - possible faded gulmoget. Sire is Cherrington Merlin, Dam is Prairie Amy. Definitely carries spots. $300

Willowgarden Fava Bean: Born 2006. Black Gulmoget. Carries katmoget as well. Sire is
Willowgarden Smokey Robinson, Dam is Shelteringpines Precipitation. $300 SOLD

Wethers: (these are all great fibre pets - wonderful fleeces, castrated)

Kalwa Taure Peanut: Born 2003 - Musket. $75.
Hopeful Wilbur: Born 2005? - grey flecket $75.
Ewenique Tristan: Born 2006 - white $100. SOLD


Woolly Pedro: Born 2006 - Black and White HST. Sire is Valley Road Rusty (mioget), dam is Woolly Nelly. Available AFTER October 30/07. Conditions apply for stud rights in 2008.

These rams are being offered for STUD SERVICES ONLY:

Cherrington Merlin: Born 2001 - Grey (emsket) - bielset - carrying spots and gulmoget.
Sire is Cherrington Heathcliffe, Dam is Cherrington Queen Mary.
$35 per ewe (see conditions).

Cherrington Harry: Born 2001 - Grey (emsket) - Sire is Cherrington Heathcliffe, dam is Cherrington Esther.
$30 per ewe (see conditions).

Conditions for stud service.
All ewes to be serviced are to be delivered to my farm - 1 week prior to exposure. Period of exposure will be for 30 days. Fee is for one month exposure. Ewe is to be picked up by owner after exposure period to ram. Note: if conception does not occur, and free exposure will be offered the following year to the same, or any other ram available at that time.
A limited number of ewes will be exposed to the ram each month for the months of November,
December and January. Please book in advance and submit payment as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Last Item - beautiful Ashford Traveller spinning wheel
with 8 bobbins $400 + shipping if required.
(1 of the bobbins has been chewed by a naughty puppy - but is still usable). I really hate to part with this wheel - however, I have just purchased a Louet Victoria, and I really don't have the room for both wheels here. This is a steal - this wheel retails for $550 new + bobbins at $13 each. SOLD

Whew - that's it - please contact me if you have any questions:

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