Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Pottery Sheep

I have been working away at my pottery sheep this past week. As you can see - the flock is slowly growing. If you click on the image - it will enlarge it.

I now have 3 small sheep done - and 2 larger sheep. The larger sheep, will be available with - or without your flock name added. As you can see in the picture below, I can shear the wool on the side of the sheep - and add a name. This one is for my good friend Cate (but if you know her, don't tell her - it's a surprise).

The first 3 small sheep have now been bisque fired, and are ready to be glazed. I will have to make a trip to Waterloo, Ontario next weekend to pick up some glazes. I will probably paint them up next week, and then get everything ready for a glaze firing. This is a time consuming process, as we never fire the kiln until it is full - with the cost of energy these days - just can't afford it.

I have 2 more of the larger sheep to complete for pre-existing orders this next week. I also have 6 small sheep to complete for other local orders.

This next few weeks, I will work on making several more of the small sheep - and then I will start taking orders for specific colours. I will have to work out the details for these orders.
I may just make several sheep - and then post them and sell as is, or take specific orders, and
you have to wait while it's being completed. Many little details to work out.

Also - Nancy Krohn (Bluff Country Shetlands), has graciously offered to post a link on her page, to my sales page - thank you Nancy.

Well - I'd better get back to it.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

An Update

Yes - I know I've been remiss, and haven't posted for three weeks. I've been busy - and tired.
I'm back to work full time, and finding that I have been tired in the evenings. Most evenings I come home and sleep for a few hours to regain my strength.

As well, most of you don't know that I am also a potter. I have 2 major sales coming up in the end of April, so, I have been spending a lot of time at the wheel, coupled with additional time in the carving stages.

I've been asked by several people, to do something along the sheep line in pottery.

Now - I'm not a hand builder (that is - I throw my pottery on the wheel, as apposed to rolling and molding it by hand). Last week - I decided to give this a try, and came up with this little fella here:
In perspective - he's about 3" high and 4" long. I was rather pleased with this effort.
Next week, he will be bisque fired, then glazed, and then fired again.
I will post pictures when he is complete in a few weeks.

The down side of pottery - you can't make just one. Word is out, and several of the local shepherds have asked for a sheep - so, I'd better get to work and make some more.

Before I go - a quick Johnny update.

Seems you have to watch where you lay your head around here. Johnny likes to hide under any pillow he can find (I was getting ready to change the bed here) - when you walk by - the one paw comes out to get you! When he's not eating or sleeping - he's tearing around the house like a banshee Oh wait - that's what cats are all about. John is growing - and he fits in quite well here with the other cats. Even though he only has 3 legs - he keeps up quite well.

Until next time.