Friday, June 15, 2007

Pictures of the New Ram Lamb

Ok - Cate has sent pictures of the two new ram lambs. These lambs are out of Cherrington Merlin, and Kalwa Taure Esme. They were both born yesterday. Now, I find it quite interesting, if you look at both of the parents being as solid and plain as they are, and they have given us such spots and markings. These are much better pictures, and maybe we can make a better assessment of the markings.
I can see that he is clearly white under the tail and the belly and up onto the chest and the back of the front legs. However - the markings around the head are confusing. Looking at his
mouth being grey - would I be correct to assume that he is going to fade to gray?

Again - this second picture gives a better close-up of the head and facial markings.
Actually - I think he's quite a stunning little fellow - regardless of what colour he becomes.

Look at the circles around his eyes. They are quite striking.

This last picture shows Esme with the two ram
lambs. Quite interesting - but when Esme was a lamb - she was quite light grey - with black legs and 4 white socks.
The other little guy is quite cute too. My indication is that he will be a gray flecket - I will have to check him over for solid spots that go right down to the skin.

This picture also shows the white on the underside of the tail of this little ram.

Now - the question. Is he gulmoget? Is he a
spotted gulmoget? If he's Ag - is he still a gulmoget - or just a grey? Is he carrying the recessive gulmoget gene? I have lots to learn about the genetics - of course - I think we need to watch this little fellow.


Nancy K. said...

he's definitely grey....beyond that, your guess is as good as mine!


Tammy said...

Hey Nancy - We seem to be seeing a lot of these babies - fading - but
gulmoget markings before they fade.
So, do they carry the gulmoget gene?
This genetics stuff can be so baffling.
Love the pics on your blog this past week. And my sympathies on your puppy.