Thursday, June 7, 2007

More Lambs!!


I'm sure that this is the year of the single. So far, all of my ewes that have had babies, have had singles - except Hearts has given me twins. It's not a problem of course - because I don't have as many babies to sell that way.

Well - today we were surprised with 2 lambs - from 2 different ewes!

I went to the barn this morning - walked into the stall, and right past this little cutie here.

Isn't she a doll?! Now - I'm terribly confused.
I think Bella must have snuck in with my white
ram lamb one night? She is pure - sparkling white, the tips of her ears are black, and she has a bit of black on her lips. Her mom is a very light grey (almost white) yuglet, and her dad (Woolly
Pedro) is a black HST. She is out of Willowgarden Bella. I'm thinking - she might be a keeper - but haven't really decided yet. She is very delicate and dainty.

By the way - you notice that I don't offer any comments on fleece crimpiness or coats. I'm a firm believer that lambs tend to change too much in the first year to give a totally accurate
assessment on fleeces - just my opinion.

This afternoon - Willowgarden Greta presented us with this little cutie - also a ewe lamb.
Sire is Woolly Pedro.
At this point - she looks to be black, smirslet - however, that is in my dark barn.
Greta is a mioget. So - in a couple of days - out in the sunlight - I will make a better assessment of the situation.

So far - 2 ram lambs, 4 ewe lambs.
Lots of smirslet - 2 white.
3 more ewes to go.
By the way - Blizzard has informed me - she's saving the best for last (chuckle).

And - as promised:

Presenting : Earendel Rose - born out of
Kalwa Taure Minn, and Cherrington Merlin.
Cate has informed me that I am a granny now, even though I keep telling her that I don't want any grandchildren.
Mommy and daughter, and adoptive parents
Cate and Al are all doing fine.
I will be travelling to visit them this weekend - barring any unforseen lambing problems.
They live about a 3 hour drive from here, and while I'm there, I will also be checking up on a couple of other sheep I sold Cate and Al -
Cherrington Brandy, and Kalwa Taure Esme.
Both are also expecting to lamb at any time now.

Stay tuned for further developments

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