Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sally it is!

Thanks for the name suggestions everyone.
I've decided to call her Sally. Somehow the name just sticks with me.

Sally - as in Sally Forth! Tally Ho and so on.

Thanks for the suggestion Kelly.

Well - Sally gets a rest in today's storm - as it was mostly very wet snow - and freezing rain.

Isn't it pretty. I just love it when we get a late snow like this - and the pond isn't frozen. The water looks so black.

Today, we were visited by 3 wood ducks on the pond. As well - 4 cardinals came to the feeders, along with several cedar waxwings, juncos, woodpeckers, blue jays and mourning doves. I thoroughly enjoy feeding the birds. Next year I have plans for a new feeding station to accomodate all of my little feathered friends - more work!