Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sally it is!

Thanks for the name suggestions everyone.
I've decided to call her Sally. Somehow the name just sticks with me.

Sally - as in Sally Forth! Tally Ho and so on.

Thanks for the suggestion Kelly.

Well - Sally gets a rest in today's storm - as it was mostly very wet snow - and freezing rain.

Isn't it pretty. I just love it when we get a late snow like this - and the pond isn't frozen. The water looks so black.

Today, we were visited by 3 wood ducks on the pond. As well - 4 cardinals came to the feeders, along with several cedar waxwings, juncos, woodpeckers, blue jays and mourning doves. I thoroughly enjoy feeding the birds. Next year I have plans for a new feeding station to accomodate all of my little feathered friends - more work!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where Have I Been????

Where have I been ? I've been asked that a lot lately and by more than one person.

Well, as you know - life gets busy. Everything gets in the way these days - work, housework, the farm, pottery - but really, I must confess.

I have a new best friend.

That's right. I have a new best friend.

And really, she does take up a lot of my time. Well, at least a lot of my time these past few months since we met.

We've been spending a lot of time together lately, going for long strolls - morning strolls, evening strolls. Strolls in the snow.

She's actually quite helpful though as a friend, and I am very appreciative. Because without her help this past little while - I' have been in real trouble with the chores around here. She's helped me manage the barn chores, and she's helped me getting hay and grain out to the deer in my back pasture (who are starving to death with all this snow).

She's helped me work through a lot of obstacles unfortunately no one else has been able to help with lately. My husband is away frequently with work, and my daughter lives in Newfoundland, and my son, well, he's 18 now - and although he's here for me sometimes, more often than not, he's off with his friends, and I'm here alone (well - if you can count a dog, 9 cats and 27 sheep as being alone) - so she's been a big help especially when I'm here alone.

Well anyway, as I said, she has taken up a lot of my time this past few months. And she has been, like I said - a huge help here. I'd like you to meet her:

That's right - we are drowning in snow. Every week - it seems we get at least another 6 - 10 " dumped on us - so I have been spending a lot of time with my new best friend.

By the way - she needs a name - feel free to send me your thoughts in the comments box (be nice).

She's a very hard working young lady - and I don't know how I'd have got through the past few months without her.

And yes - it's a she. Always ready to work whenever I ask - I never have to ask twice or nag.

OK - let's not go there ;-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Backing Up before we go Forward

I meant to put this post up before I put up the last post - but got so excited about Cate's news that I forgot.


Way back in August......

Or - let's go even further back:

If you will recall - back in June of 2010:

Kalwa Taure Blizzard (my favourite ewe) - blessed me with twin ewe lambs (both White) - and I named them Princess and Duchess in honour of my good friends Cate and Al at Earendel Farm.

(Evil Laugh Here) - Cate and I started to scheme...........

Al and I almost share a birthday (2 days apart).............. Hmmm. (and I LOVE to surprise the special people in my life).

So - on Al's Birthday - I set out:
I had a ram to deliver to one customer in the back of the truck, along with a ewe that was going to Cate and Al.
And in the front seat (in a little cage beside me) - I had Kalwa Taure Princess.

3 hours later (with Princess chattering all the way) - we arrived at Earendel Farm.

Surprise!!!!! Boy - was Al ever Surprised!! When I walked into the house with Princess in tow.......

Al thought I was bringing in a cake.....

He was clearly "Floored" by the gift:

Yes - she has on a pink (dog) halter - and leash - both with lots of sparkly rhinestones.
And a little pink tag on her neck - engraved with her name.

As you can see - she is clearly hypnotizing Al in this picture. As he gazes into her eyes - she is willing him to do "Everything" and "Anything" that she wants.

By the way - before I brought Princess over to Al - I made sure that I spoiled her "Royally" in any way that I could (insert evil laugh)....

And so - after introductions, and placing the sheep in the barn for the evening, we went in for dinner.
We enjoyed a lovely meal, followed up by Al's Birthday Cake: A wee white sheep made by a friend of mine with a wonderful artistic touch.

All in All, I would say it made for a great Birthday surprise for a great friend.

Oh - and as a little post script to this blog.
I was recently over for a visit to see Princess (and Al and Cate). Princess is doing just fine - and has everyone totally bent to her will. She has everyone eating out of her paw.
I couldn't imagine a better home for this little lovely.