Sunday, January 16, 2011

Backing Up before we go Forward

I meant to put this post up before I put up the last post - but got so excited about Cate's news that I forgot.


Way back in August......

Or - let's go even further back:

If you will recall - back in June of 2010:

Kalwa Taure Blizzard (my favourite ewe) - blessed me with twin ewe lambs (both White) - and I named them Princess and Duchess in honour of my good friends Cate and Al at Earendel Farm.

(Evil Laugh Here) - Cate and I started to scheme...........

Al and I almost share a birthday (2 days apart).............. Hmmm. (and I LOVE to surprise the special people in my life).

So - on Al's Birthday - I set out:
I had a ram to deliver to one customer in the back of the truck, along with a ewe that was going to Cate and Al.
And in the front seat (in a little cage beside me) - I had Kalwa Taure Princess.

3 hours later (with Princess chattering all the way) - we arrived at Earendel Farm.

Surprise!!!!! Boy - was Al ever Surprised!! When I walked into the house with Princess in tow.......

Al thought I was bringing in a cake.....

He was clearly "Floored" by the gift:

Yes - she has on a pink (dog) halter - and leash - both with lots of sparkly rhinestones.
And a little pink tag on her neck - engraved with her name.

As you can see - she is clearly hypnotizing Al in this picture. As he gazes into her eyes - she is willing him to do "Everything" and "Anything" that she wants.

By the way - before I brought Princess over to Al - I made sure that I spoiled her "Royally" in any way that I could (insert evil laugh)....

And so - after introductions, and placing the sheep in the barn for the evening, we went in for dinner.
We enjoyed a lovely meal, followed up by Al's Birthday Cake: A wee white sheep made by a friend of mine with a wonderful artistic touch.

All in All, I would say it made for a great Birthday surprise for a great friend.

Oh - and as a little post script to this blog.
I was recently over for a visit to see Princess (and Al and Cate). Princess is doing just fine - and has everyone totally bent to her will. She has everyone eating out of her paw.
I couldn't imagine a better home for this little lovely.