Sunday, July 12, 2009

Got the Frizzles?

I said Frizzles - not Frizzies.

I have to say that these are possibly the cutest - and funniest looking chickens I have ever had.

I brought home 4 bantam cochin Frizzles in May as day old chicks. Now - Frizzle is a gene that causes the feathers to curl.

Two of the chicks are definitely displaying the
frizzles - two of the chicks are not - but will be carriers. I'm thinking that bot of these are hens - but I'm still not too sure about the white one - it might be a rooster - in any case - it's very shy.

I can't wait to play with these chicks - and do some cross breeding onto my other birds.

I might even try something like this guy:

He's a polish X frizzle bantam.

I'm still not sure whether to laugh or just feel sorry for him.