Thursday, June 14, 2007

Late Update

OK Folks - I said I wasn't going to do this until tomorrow - but I'm going to do it tonight anyway.

We have a gulmoget - out of the blue.

I know it's not the best picture. On top of that - it looks
like maybe a spotted gulmoget (just looking at the head markings)
Sorry the picture is fuzzy - it was taken on a camera phone.

This little fella is out of Kalwa Taure Esme - a light grey ewe with phaeo markings, and Cherrington Merlin - a light grey ram (see picture below).

Merlin is not katmoget.

Now - I should also say - this lamb is not out of the blue.
Last year - a friend of mine leased him - and he gave her a black gulmoget ram - and a grey
"burrit" ewe - that has now faded away to just look like a grey ewe lamb with phaeo. She also had a gulmoget ram on her property that had been castrated a few months previous to breeding her sheep - and without actually going to DNA testing - couldn't prove that it was Merlin that sired the lambs. This year however - Merlin was put in with only 2 of my (actually now owned by my friend Cate) ewes. There is NO doubt that Merlin is the sire - he is kept on
my father's property with one other intact ram of mine - and 3 wethers. There are no other sheep there. We also keep our breeding group in a separate section of the barn - so we know without a doubt.

Please note - this line is completely unrelated to the Tisket line here in Ontario that Bill Stearman
has - I have owned this ram for 5 years - and never used him for breeding until last year, and this year for my friend Cate.
So this has come as a very big shock to us.

I would greatly appreciate comments and feedback.

I was thinking that these lambs were throwing back to Cherrington Esther - as she is the dam of both Esme and Nina (who had the gulmoget ram last year) - however - the burrit ewe is completely unrelated to our line - and although she is an incomplete gulmoget - I still believe by her baby picture - that she was burrit - or something to that effect.

We are excited about this - to know that the gulmoget line was sitting dormant in our barn all this time.

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