Saturday, June 2, 2007

No More Lambs Yet

Well - just a quick update. Alice has thrown us a curve. For the first time - a single lamb.
Her age may have some play in this - she is 10 years old. Her little girl is doing just fine, and
Jessie seems to have settled down and realized that this isn't really her lamb.
So, the wait is on - who will be next. My bets are with Blizzard. She's looking rather sunken in the sides.

This is Blizzard's picture from last year. She is a rather striking grey flecket. But more than that - she is my baby. By far the most spoiled sheep on this farm.

So - once again - stay tuned, and I'll keep you updated as lambing progresses.
(I'm sure everyone will wait until I go back to work on Monday morning anyway).


Nancy K. said...

so how many lambs greeted you, after work today?????

I'm so glad that I found your blog! When I get the time, I'll put a link to it on mine. That'll make it easy to stay 'in touch'...

Tammy said...

Hey Nancy - NONE!!!
But see my blog for Tuesday - a new lamb tonight.
I'd love to be linked to your blog.
I love reading your blog - and of course - I just love little Dream.
And her ewe lamb this year was just stunning.