Monday, May 28, 2007

More Pink

Well, as a continuance to the kool-aid experiment, here is what we have happening.

After Vivien's fleece dried - this is what we had.
A lovely pink cloud. It's actually very mesmerizing - everyone who sees it, just can't keep their hands out of it. Just the tips stayed pink.

So - I just couldn't resist putting some locks through the drum carder.

This next picture shows the pink batt that came out of
the drum carder.

It's like a big pink fluffy cloud. To the right of the batt you can see a bit of the yarn that I spun from the batt.
Now this batt is laying on top of a batt of ultra white fibre batt (the kind that you buy at the store for stuffing pillows).
So you can see just how much pink there really is.

It's really very delicate and pretty.

In this last picture, you can see the mini skein that I spun up
from a piece of the batt. Again, it's a very delicate pink.
Originally, I was rather disappointed with the kool-aid
experiment, however, after seeing these results, I am
quite happy.
I can't wait to try it again next year - and gee - Vivien is
the most willing little sheep - she just loves the

I'm also thinking I might play with another fleece - do some
kool-aid dying in the grass - then wash it out and see if I can
get the tips to do a different colour. Although I have to say,
the colour that stays the best was the red - which turned

Just think of the possibilities, we could kool-aid dye all of our
fleeces - right on the sheep - save some time after shearing.

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