Monday, May 21, 2007

Update on Kool-Aid Dying Experiment

Well then. I washed a few fleeces today - just to try to get ahead of the game.
I am so tired. We spent the morning preparing lamb pens, then I spent the entire afternoon washing fleeces. First I washed a couple of llama fleeces for a friend down the road. They were, and still are quite a mess - even after 3 washes. We'll have to have a talk.
However, I then washed up a 3 more of my own fleeces. I was going to do a 4th, but time and sunlight were starting to run low - and I have to get some work done tonight.


If you go back to my blog on April 22, you will see that we kool-aid dyed one of my sheep
Vivien is a real pet - and seemed to relish the attention.

At the right is a photo of her fleece laid out in the
driveway before washing. now - the Purple, blue and green are fading. Note --when we dyed her - we did not rinse the kool-aid out - just poured it on and left it. (as an aside - the other sheep thought she was very tasty).

Now at the right, is her fleece laying out to dry after being washed. The green, purple and blue did not stay at all. The red and orange are still there - but only at the tips. It is quite an interesting effect, and could be quite interesting to spin up. I will have to keep you updated on what it looks like.

For now - we will let it dry, then I will try to card a bit and spin it maybe next week.

I still have 26 more fleeces to wash, and I guess I will try to wash 1 fleece per day. However - lambs are due in a few days - and that might go right down the tubes. More later.

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