Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's All This?

Well - that depends on how you look at it. If you're a fibre fanatic - it's a whole lot of fun.
If you're not a fibre fanatic - it's a whole lot of work. In my case, it's a bit of both.

Ok - the answer: it's 28 bags of wool.

In this case - it's 89 pounds of Shetland fleece.
And I spent the entire afternoon, skirting and picking fleeces to get them ready for sale or processing. In the next few weeks, I will wash most of the fleeces. Some I will keep for my own use, some will be sold to other spinners, and the balance will go to be processed into rovings.
I would have taken them out of the bags for the picture. But it was a very windy day here today, and since I didn't want to be in the next town gathering them back up - well, you get the picture.

I also went to my friend Barb's house last night - and we unloaded the kiln.
I am also a potter. I've only been potting for
about 6 years - so I still have lots to learn.
This picture is of some of the pieces I made
in January of this year. I only got around to
glazing them this week because my hands
have been cracking and splitting so badly, I just
don't want to put them into the glazes or clay at
I was quite pleased with the results of these 3 pieces. They are made with a marbled mix of
black and white clays, and then just a clear
glaze on top.
I also made a series of pieces in a cream clay that
has brown flecks all through it. I guess it gives
me a little bit of incentive to get back to the wheel and put out a few more pieces before the
fall sale for our guild comes up.

In the meantime, we continue to work on
getting a studio together, so that I can get all of my fibre and pottery stuff out of the house and
into my own space.

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