Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to All

We do have a tree - for Now! I posted a picture earlier of our sad tree - but, well, I was feeling
well enough yesterday to get the decorations out - and put a few up. I did pay for my over exuberance later. We'll see how long this tree lasts. If you notice - it is all decorated with
feather birds (click on image to enlarge). I have 5 cats in the house. This morning, we came out to find the tree tipped over, and some of the birds missing. We've played this game now for about 4 years. Pippin loves to take the birdies off the tree and bat them around. Greyling, who is the biggest culprit - jumps into the tree, takes it down, and strips it. Long John hasn't noticed yet.

And so I say " Merry Christmas to all, may your Holidays be filled with Cheer" and "May you
have the blessings of family and friends to take you through 2008" - Tammy and Family.

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