Monday, December 10, 2007

I'll Be Away For A While

Well, the new baby is all settled in. He's as wild as can be. Long John (Johnnie) is a total darling, very loving, and although he only has 3 legs - he's a going concern. Nothing seems to slow him down. And I have to say, I haven't laughed so much in the the last 3 months, as I have in the last
3 days.

I will be away from my computer for a week or so. I am going into the hospital on Thursday for
the dreaded operation - a hysterectomy. I am also having one ovary removed. Seems I have a rather large and very fast growing growth on my one ovary. I had a laproscopy done in August and tissue samples taken at the time. It wasn't cancerous. However - it has almost doubled in size since August, so the feeling is - take it out before it becomes cancerous. I also have a mass growing on the outside of the uterus which is creating pressure on the bladder. Might as well take it out at the same time. No sense doing another surgery later. So - with that being said - I go in on Thursday morning. They expect me to be in the hospital for 5 - 7 days - and then recouperating for another 4 - 5 weeks. We'll see - I am self employed - and have sheep to look after. This next few weeks will show me how well I've taught my DH and Kids to look after things.

As for Christmas - well - this surgery was planned this way. My husband and I are involved in a family business, and so, time off is hard to come by. The plan is to combine holiday time with sick time to minimize the actual time away from work. In all honesty - I'm sure that I will be working from home within 2 -3 weeks. At least part time anyway.

I'll leave you with these pictures: And have no doubts - I love my cats very much.

Nancy - don't feel bad - this is my tree. We'll see whether it gets decorated or not.

This is my version on a "Shadow Box" - I believe she would like it if I had bigger feet.

Long John says "I will NOT wear the Santa Suit!"

Pippin Says: "I will!"

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Cornerstone Fibres said...

HUGS and good wishes winging your way! Love the santa suit (laugh) what a trio of cuties!
We wanted to to take all three kids to see Santa but they won't let them all go at the same time -guess they are afraid Lindsay would bite as Java is completely brain dead :)

Nathalie said...

All the best and speedy recovery
Merry Christmas to you and your family

Nancy K. said...

I hope your surgery went well and that you have a speedy recovery! I'm sure Jonnie's going to miss you! Hurry home ~ and then...GET SOME REST!!