Friday, December 7, 2007

Meet Our New Baby

Here is the newest member of our family. I'd like to introduce everyone to Long John Silver.
I've just adopted him from a wonderful organization called ARF(Animal Rescue Fund ). I have to thank them so much for letting me adopt Long John.

They are a wonderful organization that rescues rural and reservation animals that are in distress.
Please take a minute to view their website at the link above - and I encourage anyone that can, to help out if possible.

If you look at Long John's picture closely - you will notice - that he is missing one of his front legs.

Long John was shot - probably by some kids with a high powered pellet gun. He was brought into a local vetrinary clinic by a caring soul - but unfortunately - the damage to his leg was very severe - and it had to be amputated. I should point out that Long John is also - just a kitten. He is only 7 months old - and weighs about 5 pounds. He's been through a lot for a little boy - and yet - when I went to get him tonight - he jumped up into my arms and proceeded to purr and kiss and shower me with love. I feel blessed to have been chosen as Long John's adoptive family. I think he will make a wonderful addition to our family.

Pippin and Greyling Say:

"We'll be fine with it Mom, - as long as he stays over there!"

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh Tammy, congratulations on the new family member! Long John sounds like such a loving kitten; grateful, no doubt, to have found his forever family!