Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Lamb of 2009

This morning - the last lamb of 2009 was born at Kalwa Taure Shetlands.

I arrived at the barn at 8 am to find this lovely little ewe lamb born to Kalwa Taure Trinity and sired by Cherrington Harry.

She was already up and feeding - all cleaned up and ready to go.

Trinity is a first time mom - and very attentive, especially since she was in the ewe pen with 5 other ewes and their lambs.

So - lambing is done for 2009. Lucky for us, it was a ewe year.

Totals: 6 lambs - 4 ewes, 2 rams.

Let the races begin!


Thirry said...

Congratulation, i am very happy for you. I am sure the 2010 one will even be better. I really hope you will not have any more bad news this years and that you will have a wonderful 2nd half of 2009 :)

Please continue to blog once in a while with progress of your animals on your farm, it's always nice to see them grow and what are the surprises they bring us and also have news on how you are doing.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Congratulations on a ewe year! And good Trinity, taking care of her first lamb in the face of all those other experienced moms.

Claire said...

What a sweet little lamb - she is a darling. I am so sorry to have read all the news about Merlin, but glad that he may have a chance. We lost a ewe to a stroke this week and it's been a difficult time. I sympathize with how hard it is to lose our livestock friends.

flickerslair said...

Congratulations. She is beautiful!