Thursday, June 4, 2009

Surprise! Aren't Genetics FUN!

Not exactly what I was expecting when I got
home tonight.

I had to work at a pottery sale today, so
I stopped in at 2:30 on my way to check up on
Bella. She was not in labour - and was
quite contendedly relaxing in her stall.

So - on my way I went.

I got home at 8 pm tonight to this little surprise.

A lovely little yuglet socket EWE lamb.

She's not quite what I expected - since Bella is
a boring old yuglet (not my words) - and
Bernard is a black ram with a white krunet.
I was kind of expecting possibly a gray yuglet like her mom.

Oh well - surprises are nice.

By the way - Bella did a lovely job and presented me
with not one - but 2 lovely little EWE lambs.

This is more like what I expected.

What is it with all these kissing lambs!!

Anyway - the count stands at:
2 ewes - 2 rams.

2 down - 3 more to go.

We aren't expecting more lambs until around the 15th of June - so we have a little break in the action now.

And while we wait - I'll leave you with a picture
of my absolute favourite chicken.

This is "chuckie" - she's a silver laced cochin.

And she's mad at me - cause I just took her off
the nest - hence the major fluffy look.

Now - does that look fierce to you?


Thirry said...

They are so cute.. i am getting jealous here.. one of them looks like a panda lol


Tammy W. said...

Hi Thirry - she's a cutie isn't she.
Yuglet, flecket, sokket are the markings.
Have you started your flock yet?

Nancy K. said...

Congratulations Tammy! She looks like an HST to me ~ I don't see any body white....

What a beauty!

Tammy W. said...

You know you're right Nancy - I was thinking she had a spot on one side - but it's not there - it must have been the mottling at the top of one leg. She doesn't have a white tail either - guess she's just and HS ;-)

Cornerstone Fibres said...

Oh my gosh they are so darn cute ;)
Think my neighbours would notice the difference between them and a dog?

Tammy W. said...

Kim - these guys are so cute - your neighbours will want one too!
So I wouldn't worry about it.