Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Surprising Turn of Events

Well - we've had a little surprise in the turn of events surrounding Merlin.

Merlin was to have been euthanized late last week, or early this week given the nature of his spinal injury.

However - due to circumstances - we held off for a few days.

Yesterday - my good friend Cate - who works at OVC, contacted me to say that another option had been presented to medically manage Merlins symptoms, which we have decided to try.

So - as of yesterday afternoon, Merlin went home to Earendal Farm with Cate and Al, where, she informs me he is resting comfortably this morning and is bright and alert.

We know that of course - this is only management of his condition, and that we can't prolong the inevitable forever - however, we are hoping that in this non aggressive environment, he may be able to rest and regain enough strength to possibly enjoy his time here a little bit longer. And, we are hoping to possibly (this is a huge hope) have him sire some more lambs for us before the
inevitable happens. He is just such a beautiful ram to lose his genetics.

So - fingers are crossed - and let's hope for the best. Good luck Cate, Al - and Merlin.


Thirry said...

What a wonderful news. Please keep us posted on Merlin condition, it is nice to see it possible for you to keep him a bit longer and hope you get a few more rams if possible. May i inquire what is the alternative treatment in question?

Cornerstone Fibres said...

Fingers crossed an dprayers going up for him!!!! You never know how htings turn out sometimes -we have two rabbits htat were sent here from another breeder to be put down and once they came here they improved so much they are still here -6 months later!