Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

This morning, after doing the barn chores,
I thought I would venture out to the woods for
a walk.

I took my camera, as a friend of mine
had asked if the trilliums were out yet, and
well, because, I always forget my camera.

I was surprised at how warm it was - really didn't need that coat.

There were actually lots of mosquito's,
but they weren't biting yet. We've had such a wet
spring, that it's going to be a problem with the
mosquito's soon.

Needless to say - the trillium's didn't
disappoint me - they were quite stunning.

The second picture is actually of a pink trillium.

There were also lots of Jack in the pulpit - but
they weren't in colour yet, so I will have to go
out in a few weeks and take more pictures.

Lots of wildflowers were out.

I think my favourite (other than Trilliums)
is the wild violet.

We have lots of them. I just love how delicate
they look.

We also have an area of the woods, it
kind of sits half on our property, and half on
the neighbour's property. This area is almost
always flooded in the winter. I have never seen it as large as this - so I decided to go and investigate.

Click on the picture - it is worth seeing large.
I actually walked over into the clearing - and was
up to my knees in water (thank goodness for

I love this picture, and actually think I'm going
to have it done up in a large photo and framed.

The water is probably about 2 - 3' deep in the middle.

By mid summer (if it's dry) - this area will mostly dry up - and then these most amazing green plants with little white flowers will grow in the middle of this "pond" - it is almost ethereal looking when the sun is shining down on it - like you've walked into a dream. I'll have to try to get some pictures of it this summer, as we are planning on selling in a few years.

And this is the trail back up through the pine
woods to the back pasture. It's still looking
a bit dingy in this area.
But I love this trail - all
you see is the light .......
at the end of the tunnel.

I'll have to take my camera out there with me
again when I go out in a few days. Things change so fast.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Beautiful photos, Tammy; you'll have to remember your camera more often!

Hopeful Farm said...

Tammy, Gorgeous shots. I just love the spring. Michele