Saturday, May 23, 2009


I do!

I just finished glazing this flock.

I had a bit of fun with them - lots of great
colours here :
because we all know that Shetlands come
in such a wondrous variety of colour.

This picture gives you an idea of size.

The black ram is the largest at about
2" long - to the
little lamb - just a bit larger than a penny.

And lots of in between sizes.

So - I took my little sheep to a shearing
party today at one of my friends places.
Dawn Teetzel owns Thistlecroft Shetlands
Nassa Flock #1179.

This is her 3rd year holding a shearing party.
I bring my pottery and rovings (there are other
vendors as well).

I took this picture as I was trying to get into the

I believe there were well over 200 people
there today - a great showing.

And well - I sold most of my sheep (uh - the potteryones that is). Any that aren't sold will
be going to my friend Kim, who is taking them to
the Sheep dog trials in June - and another friend is taking a flock up to Haliburton this summer when she goes on a spinning course.

Keep an eye on my pottery blog - I should have another batch ready to go in the next few weeks.

Oo - and before I forget - an award! For me! I am very excited - this is my first award.
Thank you Jenny for thinking of me.

Jenny Holden of Wandering Gecko Fame: nominated me for this award. Check out her blog.
Hers is one of my favourite blogs. I'd love to nominate her back - but that would be redundant wouldn't it. So - here goes. I'm supposed to pass this award along - and nominate 10 of my favourite blogs for this award.
Since most of the blogs I watch have already received this award - I'll go with 5 of my favourites.

1: Nancy Krohn's: A Shepherd's Voice is a fantastic blog. I love to read about her adventures in Shepherding.
2: Cate DeSantis: Earendal Farm is also one of my favourites. Cate doesn't post often (I will have to give her heck about that)- however, she is incredibly interesting. Her and I share a lot of the same interests - and definitely the same breeding goals in sheep.
3: Kim Parkinson's: Fibre on the Hop is a great blog for the fibre enthusiast. Kim also owns an
online Fibre store (which is where we initially made first contact).
4: Nina's Bates: Odette's Obsessions is another great blog. Nina is also among a circle of aquaintances and has some interesting hobbies - among them - dying fibre with natural plant materials - and some great weaving.
5:Antiquity Oaks is also a wonderful blog, and one of my favourites to read.

OK - that's all I'm going to nominate - I know that's breaking the rules a bit. But there are so many blogs out there that are fantastic. Check these ones out - I hope the links that I inserted work.

Until next time.

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Jenny Holden said...

Glad you found the well deserved award :o) I just love your little sheep, as I've said before. Shame I'm all the way across the water, but if any of them want to visit Scotland...