Tuesday, May 26, 2009


OK - as per Nancy Krohn's request, here are a couple more photos of the ducklings.

I can't really get into the stall and get
too close to them, or the mother freaks
out and tears off the nest to the other
side of the stall - leaving scattered
ducklings in her wake.

So I took these pictures with my zoom lens from the doorway of the stall. She did calm down a little bit.

The babies came out to eat some of the duckling
starter that I put on the floor for them by the edge
of the nest.

Then she calls them back to her - and stands up
so that they can get underneath her

-too cute!

If you look closely - you will see the little pom poms on their heads - just like Mom.

We also have a Welsh Harlequin Duck sitting on a nest in this stall - but man she's a B----!
You get anywhere near her nest and she starts hissing and freaks out and bites you.

We'll just leave her alone.

For now - Norman and the other Drakes are locked outside in the cage at night so that they leave the new moms alone.

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Nancy K. said...

Thank you, Tammy!

Keep 'em coming....