Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lambing is Done

Lambing is all done here at Kalwa Taure Shetlands this year. Now, you'll remember that I said, due to surgery, I wasn't going to breed any sheep this year - and I didn't. However, I am babysitting some sheep for my friend Shauna - and well - 4 of them were pregnant.

This first little darling - is our first ever bottle baby. In 13 years of raising shetlands, we have never had a bottle baby before. It's very heartbreaking to watch a baby that's been rejected. So, you'll forgive me for not posting this past week - but I have been busy. This is Windwater
Bertram. He's a beautiful black spotted gulmoget out of Willow Garden Latifah, and Verilaf Silver Streak. Bertram has a twin brother, Bernard.

This is a picture of Bertram and Bernard together. Bernard is all black and has a large white krunet. He tries very hard to spend time with Bertram - against his mothers wishes. At least the other lambs haven't rejected him. For the first 2 days he screamed bloody murder. Then I figured, he may just want to be cuddled. Sure enough - after 30 seconds wrapped in the blanket and rocked - he calmed right down. Now, he follows me around like any lamb would follow their mom - and he's as quiet as
a mouse. What a sweetie. He will be going to a good home near Ottawa some time in the very
near future.

And last but not least - Windwater Flower was born on June 25th. I came home to find this little
lovely laying with her mom in the barn - no issues with her. She's very delicate - all black with a little white krunet. We also lost one lamb - a beautiful mioget ewe lamb. Unfortunately, she was born during the afternoon when I was at work, and her mom started to clean her from the wrong end. She suffocated with the sack over her face. By the time I got home it was too late to save the lamb even though she was still warm - I tried everything - cleared all the passages, tickled her nose with straw, swung her around - nothing worked. It was a heartbreak to take this lamb from her mom.

So - along with Rose, we had 5 lambs - 3 ewes, 2 rams - 4 survived. I have to say that I do enjoy watching the lamb races, so I'm glad Shauna did give me an opportunity to have some lambs here this year.

And finally.................................................

Last week I arrived home with a very unusual flock of sheep :-)

Scroll down to see my newest members

I went to a raku bash (no- not a raccoon bash) - and made up these little guys.

Raku is a type of firing that is done in pottery - in Japanese is means "Just Right".
These are so fun to make - as with raku - you never know just what you will get - it all depends on the intensity of the heat, where they sit in the kiln - and what you do during reduction.
I actually have several more that I have to photograph yet. But keep in mind - these are all about 2 inches long x about 1 1/2 inches high. The hardest thing - is not losing them in reduction.

I did some more raku last Saturday on my dragon pots. I will try to get pictures and post them in the next few days.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm glad you were able to get a "lamb fix" this year. There's nothing like it! The three little boys got "fixed" today, so they are not very comfortable. Hopefully I can find good homes for two fiber pets, and beautiful little Bevin; Browning gets to stay here with his daddy and produce WONDERFUL fiber for me!

Tammy said...

Thanks Michelle - I do very much enjoy having lambs around - I just hate the trials and tribulations of lambing. The lamb races have been going on like crazy here today - such a chuckle.
I saw your boys on the blog today - much subdued for a few days. Poor little fellas. It can be so hard to sell rams sometimes. I'm looking for a good home for Bernard now.

Nancy K. said...

VERY cool! I like the "fawn" ewe on the far left and the blue ram on the far right the best. When you get the chance, I'd love to see what you have available for sale....

How sad about the problems with the lambs! I'm glad that you've got some healthy babies there to enjoy.

Jenny Holden said...

Oh I'm so looking forward to lambs next year, even though they do bring their traumas too.

Glad you've sorted your little pet out.

Tammy said...

Hi Nancy - this weekend I will have the opportunity to go through my little sheep. The fawn one on the left is my favourite too - if you turn him around - he's turquoise blue on the back end - too cute. I'll send you some more pics.

Tammy said...

Hi Jenny - yes, it's not always easy with the lambs - but it usually all works out in the end.
I hope you have good luck with yours next year.
Our little bottle baby "Bertram" is turning into such a darling - it will be hard to let him go. At least he's going to be a pet for someone.