Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here There Be Dragons

As Promised - I am posting some of my most recent raku pots. Click on the picture to make it larger if you'd like to see more detail. The first picture is of one of my dragon pots. Now - with raku - it is a low fire glazing technique which gives lovely lustres.
The fun thing about raku - is that you never really know what is going to happen. See the green dragon pot below.

The funny thing about the green dragon - and the red dragon - is that they are supposed to both be the same colour. They are the same glaze - Turquoise. Everything depends on the heat tempurature, the location in the kiln - and the reduction process. I was surprised to say the least - however - very pleased.

This pot here with the dragonfly was an oopsy. The picture was very hard to take - the flash
keeps making the dragonfly too bright. However - if you were to get a good look - the dragonfly is a very lusterous red glaze. The rest of the pot is supposed to be a black and white spot called naked raku. When you quench the pot - the glaze is supposed to crack and fall off - it didn't.
However - if I could show you the pot - because the glaze stayed on - and only flaked off in small areas - it has the look of being very old and fragile. Sometimes oopsies are OK.

These last two pots I picked up in early June while on a pottery run. They are by a small pottery shop in Miller Lake , Ontario - about 4 hours from here - called, what else - Miller Lake Pottery. Funny thing - the guy who makes these pots used to live just down the road from me - and we do know his family. It's a small world.
Rob Nantais (the potter) - makes these pots loosely based on the Lord of the Rings. They are a big seller. The jug on the left is a wizard (Gandalf) - the jar on the right isn't really based on any of the characters - but he does all of these faces in pots, mugs, jars - they are quite captivating.

That's it for pottery tonight.

It's still crazy busy here - we have sold several sheep - and deliveries will start in the next few weeks. I also have to start preparing fleeces for the mill, and I have several pottery commissions to get done as well. Let's couple that with a trip to Newfoundland in August - and it's going to be one busy summer.

And I said I was going to take it easy this year - Yeah Right!


Caitrin and Al said...

brillant! love the dragons

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Your dragon pots are beautiful! I've been spinning up the soft dark brown Shetland roving you sent me last fall; I think I'm going to knit myself a vest with it. Thank-you again for the fiber!

Jenny Holden said...

Love the dragon pots! We have a big festival of pottery over here which I'll bet you'd love. Two of these events are held really near to my house and I'm hoping to pop along next friday for a browse... and maybe buy something nice. Bet they wont have any pot shetlands though :o/

Tammy said...

Hi Everyone - thanks for the vote of confidence in my dragons. I have some more to do - but haven't had the time to Raku (actually it's too hot to raku right now).
Glad you like the rovings Michelle - weren't the dark brown ones llama??
I can't remember that far back - lol.
Jenny - the pottery festival sounds fantastic. Maybe next year - I believe that a trip to England is in the planning stages - now, if we can just get me on a plane!!!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

You sent me some llama, too, that I've already spun up. Wish I could go to England; no problem getting me on a plane for that, except for the cost of the ticket and a replacement for me here at home!

Tammy said...

I forgot all about the brown roving Michelle. We'll see if I can get on the plane - sigh - or take the time off work. I've finally got the husband and son to the point that I can leave the farm chores in their capable hands. I am off to Newfoundland in 6 weeks - driving.
That will be a tiring trip.