Monday, January 7, 2008

Canadian Eh?

Well - the good old Canadian Winter is upon us. Here in Southern Ontario - there's no telling what you might get.. In my last post - the day after Christmas - we had no snow - just a lingering fog and frost. By January 2nd - we looked like this: We had 14 " of snow fall from January 1st - 2nd.

It was such a winter wonderland - very beautiful (except the driveway that I had to get my Dad
to come over and clean out with the snow blower).

And - in keeping with the wonderful Canadian Winters in Southern Ontario - by today - everything out there looks like this: Yep - all gone!

By next week - we'll probably be snowed in again. Thankfully - we aren't getting the snow that they are on the west coast - and the flooding. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

On to other subjects. I've been a little bit remiss this past week or so - trying to keep up with all the work I have to catch up on.

Michelle made this lovely shawl for my Mother in Law in exchange for some yarn that I spun for her. Note the lovely clasp that she made from beads. She is very talented - and I think the shawl is just beautiful. I'm sure the MIL will love it - we'll be seeing her this weekend.

I'm also headed back to work this week - at least part-time. We'll see how that goes. I'd much
rather stay home - alas - I've yet to win the lottery.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Those two photos of the same view speak a thousand words! How do your animals handle the up and down temps? My husband always seems to get more colic calls, etc. during roller-coaster temps like that; seems to upset their systems....

Tammy said...

Hi Michelle - we actually keep them in the barn when the weather is like this - and it causes a great deal less stress on them. It's a lot less work for us - saves the pastures - and I really hate wet and muddy sheep. Actually - my sheep are quite
coddled - as are all of my animals.
But that's another story.