Friday, August 17, 2007

These 2 are Sold

As Promised, I am going to give pictures of 2 more of my lambs tonight. This first one is Kalwa Taure Chiara, she is out of Cherrington Molly, a lovely crimpy fawn, and the sire is Woolly Pedro, a black HST. Chi-Chi, as we fondly call her, is a lovely moorit, smirslet. She is a total darling, sort of. Lately, she has developed a very annoying habit of trying to jump into your arms when you get close. But she is a sweetie anyway, and we really do enjoy her.

This little girl, who is somewhat of a chameleon,
is Kalwa Taure Lyra, she is out of Willow Garden Greta Garbo, a mioget, and Woolly Pedro, again a black HST, however, he also carries mioget.
When Lyra was born, she was very black,
she is now going to moorit, and I'm somewhat
interested to see if she will turn mioget.
I find her facial markings to be very striking.
Lyra was somewhat skittish as a lamb, but now
she is one of the first to come running over
when you enter the barn.

Speaking of the barn, tonight I got to go out to the barn for the first time since my surgery.
It was so funny when everyone came running around the corner, and all the lambs skidded to a stop when they saw me standing in the aisle: "Do I go see Mom - or head for the Hay?"
Sorry to say - the hay won out - although a few of them came over afterwards to say hello.
It was more of my older girls that wanted to stop and chat and have a chin scratch. My daughter was quick to shoo everyone away, more worried that they would mob me and cause
a stumble. I must say, I am getting around pretty good - and the pain is subsiding - it's the upcoming operation that has me worried.

Tomorrow - I am off to Michigan Fiber Fest - just for the day. It promises to be a very long day, so I won't be posting. But I will try to post all of the goodies that I get when I get my bearings on Sunday. Stay tuned.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Could Lyra be "Shetland black"?

Tammy said...

Not sure what she's going to do Michelle - I'll have to get her out into the light and part that wool to see. She's definitely a dark, dark brown right now.

Nancy K. said...

I wonder if Lyra isn't Shaela or emsket? They typically start out black and appear to 'sun bleach' very quickly. I have a "black" ram lamb who is doing it too. He looks moorit, compared to the other black sheep. If you part her wool and it has a metalic/silvery cast to black fibers, she is either going to be Shaela (dark) or emsket (lighter). Keep us posted!

I hope you're all recovered quickly! I wish I could have made MFF this year but I am busy working so that I can make my HOUSE PAYMENTS.

Tammy said...

Oh Nancy - I didn't think of that. I wasn't thinking of emsket at all. Come to think of it - both my emsket rams started out very black. Now I really have to part that fleece.
By the way - still waiting for baby pictures of Zha Zha.

Tammy said...
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