Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm Bored

Sigh - I am so bored. I've just had some minor surgery, and, well - I can't go visit my sheep, and I'm waiting for my new spinning wheel, and well - I can't do much of anything except sleep and play on the computer. So, I guess I will re-introduce some of the lambs before they start leaving for their new homes.

Actually, these first two lambs will be staying here
with me.
This first one on the right is Kalwa Taure Gabriella.
She is out of Cherrington Alice and Ewenique
Tristan - both parents are white,
although, Tristan does carry the moorit gene.

Gabriella has one brown hoof and
then end of the same foot is moorit -
so we will watch that to see whether
it fades or not. Right now -
it looks like it's going to stay.

I'll have to get a better look at her fleece when I'm allowed back out in the field. If she's anything like her Dam, then she will have a beautiful, soft and crimpy fleece.

This little lovely here is Kalwa Taure Jillian. She is out
of Kalwa Taure Blizzard and Woolly Pedro.
Jillian was our last lamb born here this year.
She's going to be a grey flecket like her mom. And I'm sure she's going to have her mom's personality too. Blizzard is our most favoured sheep here at Kalwa Taure - she has such a sweet and gentle personality, and I certainly think that Jillian is going to be just like her. She loves the chin rubs and is just the friendliest lamb we have. I am hoping that she maintains more of a medium gray colour, as that is the colour that I sell most of in my wool.

That's it for tonight. Tomorrow I will try to post two more lambs. And on Saturday my DH and I are off to Michigan Fiber Fest for the day - I must say, I am getting anxious, I have been looking forward to this all month.

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