Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Time for an Update

Well - I've been a bit busy lately - but thought that maybe it was time for a little update.

We are so happy here to finally have a Bluff Country
sheep. Zha Zha Mikaela kind of had to take a bit of a round trip to get here - but here she is. Isn't she just a darling. With the Canada/US border being a real hassle to bring sheep through, I had to do this by a different route. Nancy - she is just a little darling - I'd love to have more of your sheep!!! Micky - as she is being fondly called, has a lovely dense black fleece with a good deal of white hairs mixed in. Kind of reminds you of a dusting of powdered sugar. Micky is very gentle and sweet.
I bought her from Bill Stearman, who is just downsizing his flock a little.

We also brought home this little cutie. She is
Windwater Lilac, and comes from Shauna Gray's farm near Uxbridge, Ontario.
Lilac is a real little sweetie. She's just a little over a year old - and very, very gentle.

Shauna also gave me some of her very own hand made Goat's Milk soap to try - it is "luscious" and absolutely wonderful! She milks her own goats to
make this soap by hand - what a wonderful craftsman. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit at
Shauna's farm.

Oh - and I almost forgot - Shauna also gave me some Angora to spin - I haven't spun with Angora yet - but I'm looking forward to trying this.

Well - that's enough for tonight. I'll update a little bit more in the next few days.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Great colors and markings on your new sheep -- congratulations!

Nancy K. said...

Oh! There's my "Zha Zha"! (Bill added the Mikaela). She was the first HST lamb born in the Bluff Count;ry! I called her Zha Zha ~ Bill called her Mikaela and now you call her "Micky" ~ all precious names for a very pretty girl. I'll have to send you some of her baby pictures. I referred to her as "the world's cutest lamb"...

Tammy said...

Nancy - she is a darling sheep.
Very striking looking - and oh so very sweet - we just love her.
Now - if they would make bringing ewes back across the border just a little bit less daunting - we would be coming over for a visit to the Bluff Country.

Bill Stearman said...

Mikaela was indeed the world's cutest lamb! And she was very much loved here. Even though she was on a 'sale list' ... she was not going anywhere unless I was confident that she would continue to be loved. Tammy ... you wanted her from the first time you met her.

She is loved ... and in a good home ... which made selling her easier ... ;-)

Tammy said...

Bill - we just think she's the greatest - she has such a sweet personality. She's already one of my favourites. And yes - I did love her from the moment I saw her!!!

Nancy K. said...

Do you have any idea how HAPPY it makes me feel to know that one of my beautiful babies has been so LOVED?

Thank you both!