Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ram for Sale or Trade

This is Pedro. I really don't want to sell him - however - I have to make room for ram lambs coming in - and he's too small for my big boys at the other farm - they would kill him. And - he's too big for my little rams - you know the drill.

Anyway - Pedro is an equisite HST (head, socks, tail) - or for you more traditional types - yuglet, sokket, with a lovely, crimpy black fleece. Conformation is correct in every way - and those horns are awesome - and striped. Just love them.
He is very much a gentleman - but friendly enough for chin scratches.

And his genetics are very diverse - he comes from Valley Road Rusty (who is a mioget - so he carries the modified genetics), and Woolly Nelly - who looks very much like him.

I am willing to part with him for $350 - or an even trade for a solid, non fading moorit EWE lamb - or yearling with single coated crimpy fleece and good conformation.

Please - if you are interested in this fella - contact me - I'd hate to have to send him to market.
He will produce flash in your flock - if you breed him to another yuglet, flecket or sokket - you should get something pretty much like him. Bred to solids or spots - you'll get lots of smirlets and flecket markings.

I'd like to see his genetics continue on. Oh - and one more thing - I am heading up to Uxbridge
in later July - so if you can meet me somewhere around that area - I can at least get him that far. I am also probably heading to the Kingston area in late August - or September, so that is also an option. I also frequently travel up the Bruce Peninsula on weekends as well.
Otherwise - contact me re shipping and we'll see what we can work out.


Nancy K. said...

oh MY! He's gorgeous!! So, are you planning on heading SOUTH at any time this summer or fall.......?


Tammy said...

Hmmm Nancy - too bad that border wasn't open going the other way.
Isn't he a good looking fellow.

By the way - what can you tell me about a little girl named
Zha Zha Mikaela?

PS - love the puppy!

Nancy K. said...

Zha Zha was my first HST lamb. She's in-bred Zorro (he's her sire and grand sire). She had very nice fleece, I was not real happy with her rear (a little close as a lamb ~ she may have outgrown that) and she may very well carry the half-polled gene since Zorro definitely does. I think that Bill was always pleased with the lambs he got from Zha Zha.

I sure wish I could get that ram from you!!

Tammy said...

Hi Nancy - Zha Zha is coming to
Kalwa Taure in a few weeks. From what I see - she looks pretty good.
I'm so excited to have a Bluff Country HST finally. I sure wish that border was open - I'd bring Pedro up to you (just so I could visit with you and Dream - and Bella)