Sunday, April 22, 2007

Boredom has set in

Well, lambs aren't due for another 6 weeks. Shearing isn't until May 9th. So - today (like I ever have any spare time on my hands) - I decided to DYE one of my sheep! Seems I've run out of extra rovings while I'm waiting for my rovings to come back from the mill.

Vivien has a great sense of humour (I hope).
She is my friendliest sheep - and seems to have taken this all in stride. We washed her down with a couple of buckets of warm water and cream rinse - and then we applied the kool-aid in various colours. There's orange, blue, green, red and tropical punch (which is a deeper red).
We haven't rinsed her off - I don't think we will unless she appears to be really itchy. She stood pretty well for the whole thing. Then we let her stay out in the pasture until she seemed really dry, and put her back in the barn. All the other sheep crowded around her to check things out.
Probably totally confused by the smell of kool-aid.

We're having friends drop by for our shearing on May 9th. They are from South Africa, and have never seen a sheep being sheared. They are also bringing some other friends of theirs that are also from South Africa. Should be good for a giggle when we bring Vivien out to be sheared.

Now - Let's see what else I can get into.

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