Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Almost Forgot

I feel so remiss. I have been so busy lately that I almost forgot to post this.

A while ago - I implored upon a friend of mine to weave me a shawl. Not just any shawl mind you, but a special shawl - special to me.

Nina took the challenge (even though she was moving). I sent her a quantity of rovings - and she went to work - spinning and weaving.

Much sooner than I expected - she called to say that the shawl was done.

Here are the results.

A beautiful shawl - made from the wool of all my

I call it my "baby blanket". I wear it every night when I am watching television. It is so soft and warm - and surprisingly - it isn't scratchy next to the skin.

And the most important part - it has wool from almost all my sheep - past and present in it.
This means a lot to me - and it is so cherished.

I can't remember the weave that she used -
here it is up close.

Unfortunately - I find that the flash kind of washes out the colour.

I am so pleased - and grateful.

Thank you Nina!


Michelle said...

Oh, that IS a treasure! And so deserved; I still remember with great gratitude the spinning you did for me, and the rovings you sent with it.

Cornerstone Fibres said...

What a wonderful treasury of your sheeps wool.

Jody said...

How lovely and special! I just did a trade with Nina and I got one of her handwoven tea towelss and I luv it :)