Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting Back into Blogging

Sometimes it's hard to get back into the habit once you've gotten out of it. Tonight, I found that I really had to force myself to sit down at the computer and start writing. There always seems to be so much to do. My studio beckons - it's an absolute disaster - and I have new students starting in the next few weeks. I have renovations to do in the barn , sheep to tend to, - my house is a disaster.....
and need I go on.

So for an update.

It has been crazy here - absolutely crazy.
Of course - with the regular 40 hour per week job - and the pottery (which is quickly turning into a 40 hour per week job).
Let's add Christmas to this (it was a lovely Christmas by the way) - and then there's Max.

Max - I want you to meet Max:

Do you like the Dreadlocks?

Sorry - I couldn't resist the pirate hat.

OK - so, here's a real picture of Max:

And the story behind Max.

He is a VERY energetic 10 month old pug puppy.
As you recall - in early November, I lost my beloved elderly companion Penny.
I decided that I would like to have another dog - and that possibly - I was ready to tackle having a smaller dog again.

My sister had a pug when we were teenagers - I had a pekingese.

I had forgotten how much work a puppy was/is.

Max is only 10 months old - and we are his 3rd owners (other than the breeders and pet shop).
The last few owners didn't feel up to the task of an energetic pug puppy. So - Max is confused - and a bit insecure - but he is lovable - and energetic.
We are trying very hard to break some bad habits - but he is progressing a great deal.
The cats are NOT amused - but Max is.
The biggest problem so far, has been that he likes to chase the kitties. They turn tail - and he has a heyday. We're working on it. But - we all love him - and I'm sure this will be his forever home.

My Daughter is also home for the holidays. She flew in from Newfoundland on December 20th.
She leaves again on January 5th. We are so happy to have her here. It was early August since we last saw her, and 2 weeks just isn't long enough to enjoy her company. But we are so happy she could make it home for Christmas - and we are enjoying our time together.

Other than that - all is well. Knock on wood. The sheep are well - the chickens are well. The weather is cold (we need more snow). We all have jobs - and family to love, good friends to
spend our time with - what more could we want.

I'll post again soon. I promise.


Michelle said...

Good to "see" you again! Congratulations on Max; his story reminds me a bit of Dozer's. There's nothing like a canine companion, is there? Even when they are making you crazy....

Juliann said...

Oh he is so wonderful, and I'm glad you are taking him on! I have to wonder about people who could take in a young dog like that and just give them up. I am a total pug person! I'm on my second, a very challenging rescue case, but I wouldn't trade her for anything. I also had pekes growing up, maybe I love the little smush face dogs.
Happy New Year!

Jenny Holden said...

Welcome back! Happy New Year...And Happy New Puppy!! They are such hard word aren't they?! Even though Fox was only 2 when we got Whisper she was still quite a shock. Have lots of fun with your new friend xx

flickerslair said...

Happy New Year! And congratulations on the new family member, he is too cute.