Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

Autumn is here - I love autumn. I love to walk in the woods - and smell the fallen leaves.
There is so much to see.

I actually took these pictures last Sunday on my morning walk.
It was a glorious sunny day.

I took about 50 pictures - but I'll only show a few of my favourites.

This is one of my favourites:

I love the ferns sticking up through the leaves -
the contrast is so striking. And the stump in behind
with fungus growing on it - well - I just think it's
an interesting shot.

This is another shot of leaves.
Again - with the moss showing through.
I really like moss. And in this picture - you have the green moss - and the leaves all around - all the different types of leaves. It's just interesting
to look at.

This next shot - I took in the spring.
This is an area in our woods that floods most
years in the spring. I actually had this picture
done up into an 8x10. It almost looks like a lake
in the woods - but what I really love - is the reflection of the trees - and the sky in the water.

I showed this - so that you can see the contrast
in this next picture:

This is exactly the same area - taken last week.

The water has all dried up - and the area is covered with a thick carpet of leaves. You'd never know it was the same area.
What a difference. But still an interesting shot.
The long shadows of the trees - the open - but enclosed space. I find it to be a very serene

And lastly - my backyard - framed by the trees
as I come up from the woods.

I love nothing more than to see my lovely little flock of shetlands grazing in the back. The sheep haven't noticed my presence yet - or else they'd all be standing at the gate trying to get into the woods.

I have to take a walk out into the woods again tomorrow - I love to document the changes
each week as autumn progresses.

And - I want to see if there was any wind damage in the storm we had on the weekend.

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