Sunday, January 4, 2009

Moving On

I find that when I am sad, the best medicine is to keep busy to help keep my mind off of my sadness. So this past week, I have been very busy.

We buried Alice last week in the rain. As the day wore on, the rain steadily grew to a downpour accompanied by high winds.
By the next day - all of our snow was gone. There was flooding everywhere.

In the early afternoon - as the winds howled outside, there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, a young couple greeted me with an unusual request. They were to be married in a few days, and the site for their wedding pictures was flooded. They requested permission to have pictures taken in our woods, and in the field alongside our property because it was so beautiful.
Ah - young love - how could we resist?
And so, On Saturday afternoon, they came out and had their pictures taken.
I was trying to stay out of the way, and took these pictures from the kitchen - the first is of the bride - with her photographer, and the second - is of her groom approaching. They lucked out - the sun was shining and there was very little wind - unlike the previous day when the wind was really driving and cold.

I've asked them if they would send me a picture of the two of them taken in the woods.
I think they had fun - the wedding party spent most of their time in their cars in my driveway - trying to keep warm. I also made a large pot of hot apple cider for them to warm up after pictures were done - and had a plate of cookies as well. They were all so very cordial and thankful - and who says young people have no manners?

We have a few new additions around here too.

I had a friend come by this weekend for a visit - and she brought me a little gift. Actually - it was an exchange.

This is Gustav (the grey fella on the left).
He is a splash silkie rooster.
Isn't he just the cutest little guy?
I am smitten with him.

My friend Erin, brought Gustav to me - and I gave her a lovely buff brahma rooster in exchange.

She also picked up some golden phoenix chickens for me (2 hens and a rooster) and brought them down with her. The rooster will get a very magnificent tail when he matures. The hens are kind of dowdy looking.

This last few months, I have spent working on my flock of chickens - trading, selling and buying
little feathered friends. I have had chickens for about 18 years. I find that they are as a rule -
hilarious pets. Most of the time - they plainly - make me laugh. This next few months should see some great new additions to my chicken flock. Part of the fun is in finding the breeds and colours that you are looking for. I'll keep you posted.

And finally -my beautiful little girl has left me again to go back to University in Newfoundland.

Here she is at the airport - we are separated by glass as she is in the passenger lounge and I'm outside the window crying.
Tara has been home since the 19th enjoying some well deserved time with her family and friends. We are so proud of her - and we are going to miss her so much. Depending on some upcoming news - she may not make it home again until next Christmas.


Cornerstone Fibres said...

So sorry to hear about Alice. She sounded very special! Love the pictures of Gustav though -hes a keeper :)
You coming down this way sometime??
the dyewizard has already gone through all the white fibre I got yesterday!! Check out the blog. But he still needs brown and grey and of course more white.

Nancy K. said...

Dear Tammy ~

My heart aches for your loss of Alice! As you know, I have a very special Alice, as well.

The wedding shoot is a wonderful new beginning! I love the picture with the groom approaching the bride!

The fact that you took the time to think about me, while you, yourself are grieving, says a lot about the kind of person you are. Thank you SO very much for the wonderful gift you sent me! I love it. I'm naming her Ali-baa-baa ~ in honor of your Alice...

You gave me back my smile.

Thank you.

Claire said...

Hi Kim,
Found your blog via Nancy, who posted pics of the little sheep you sent her, which I thought was just so adorable. I'm sad to read about your Alice, but happy to see your new Gustav. I love my young silkies. I'll be visiting again! But in scrolling through your blog, I saw the lovely little bird houses....where oh where is your Etsy shop?
Hugs to you from a Canadian in Iowa (used to live in Guelph)

Tammy W. said...

Thanks all - you are all so kind.
Nancy - I hope you enjoy Ali-baa-baa,
I know a long time ago you had said you liked her.
Claire - sorry, I don't have an etsy shop yet - if you're looking for something in particular - contact me through my blog or website - we can talk .
We're a couple of hours from Guelph - but one of my best friends lives just outside Fergus.