Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Coming into the Light

That kind of means out of the dungeon - which is my basement. I've been so busy lately - I have
several pottery sales coming up this next month or two - and I have been busy throwing and getting ready to fire and glaze. Every night after work - down to the dungeon till about 11 pm.
I've finally started to fire some of my stuff this last week - so - there is light at the end of the tunnel (I just hope it's not a train coming)!

Well - do you remember a little while ago - I talked about a new lamb I had bought, and if I should call her Gwen - or Wren. Well - since her mom's name is Greta - we decided to stay with the G's - and we called her Gwendolyn - Gwenny or Gwen for short. Here she is - she is just a darling wisp of a little lamb.
However - those of you who liked the name Wren - don't despair. I'd like you to meet "Wren",
She's a lovely little fawn katmoget who came to visit, and decided to stay. She's still very shy - I may have to break out the cookies, but we're working on her.

And, just for a little something different:

This is my new Inuksuk - I got him for my birthday. Don't be fooled - he's almost 5' tall - and weighs somewhere around 300 pounds - I know - I dismantled him, moved him, and set him back up again at my house. I'm going to move him again - I just haven't decided where, but I feel he's just a bit too exposed where he stands - and I'm worried that the winter winds may topple him.

Well - back to the dungeon.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Beautiful new lambs, Tammy! And what, pray tell, is an Inuksuk (besides what I see on my computer screen)?

Nancy K. said...

At first I thought Gwen was wearing a wreath around her neck! She is precious. There's something very special about white, ewe lambs. Of course, Wren is lovely too!

Your Inuksuk is awesome! Although, I must confess, I'm with Michelle and haven't a clue what they actually ARE...

Tammy W. said...

Sorry about that guys. An Inuksuk
(In-uk-shuk) - is a stone man - made by the Inuit (northern aboriginals in Canada) - they are symbols that were originally meant to show the way - or point the way to hunting grounds. However - we've embraced these symbols - and use them as symbols of friendship and cooperation. If you google it - you can find some great images.

Corinne R. said...

How interesting...I think I need an Inuksuk!

Nathalie said...

Tammy you made me register her under Wren....oh well :))