Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All Sheared for Another Year

Well, we're all done shearing for another year - whew!

It wasn't the best shearing we have ever done.
We used a new shearer - who is more used to doing
commercial flocks than our shetlands, although he has done shetlands before with little problem.

I think most of the problems were that the weather was cool - and those fleeces were sticky. We had lots of little nicks and splits, even though he tried to be extra careful.

So - ignore the bluespray on the sheep in these pictures.

In the top picture - is Ewenique Spencer - he's a yearling ram.
I'm pretty positive that he's a mioget flecket judging
by his colour. He's still quite small.
I love the look of just sheared shetland rams. They look like
goats with long johns on.

The second picture is my group of miogets.
There are actually 6 sheep here - but only 5 are
mioget. The ewe on the front left is a moorit
flecket. These miogets all belong to my friend Shauna Grey of Windwater Shetlands. I am babysitting them for her because she is selling her farm, and needs somewhere to board her
sheep until she gets set up again next year. Two of the ewes will be going back to Shauna's new place, and 3 will stay with me. 4 of the ewes are pregnant - so we will be having lambs at
Kalwa Taure this year - they will just all have the name Windwater in front of them.

This last picture is just of some of my ewes
standing around in the middle pasture - waiting to come inside for the night.

I'm sure everyone is so happy to have all of those
long hot fleeces off now. I see lots of happy scratching going on at the fence posts.

Soon - an update on pottery sheep - and lambs. Until then - stay posted.

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